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'Aaviri' is not a horror but a thriller: Ravi Babu

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Aaviri is not a horror but a thriller: Ravi BabuRavi Babu awaits the release of 'Aaviri' on November 1.  Written, directed and acted by him, the film is presented by Dil Raju. In this interview, catch Ravi Babu talk about the movie, what is in store in it, how he reacts to failures, his upcoming movie and so on.  

How Dil Raju came in

I and Dil Raju garu have been friends for a long time now.  We had been planning to do a film together but couldn't.  It has happened finally with 'Aaviri'.  'Bommarillu' is my all-time favourite.  As far as I am concerned, he is not Dil Raju but Bommarillu Raju.  Projects just fall in place without much planning at times.  Once 'Aaviri' was completed, he was excited on watching it.  I became busy with post-production works after this.  It was I who produced the movie originally.  Film production is not rocket science.  It's about organizing resources and pooling in funds. 

A thriller kind of film

Horror films can be of different kinds.  But 'Aaviri' is not a horror film.  It's a thriller against the backdrop of a family.  My 'Anasuya' and 'Avunu' were more like thrillers.  In the latter, you never saw any spirit.  There is no much scare factor in 'Aaviri'.  The title depicts the tension involved.  It's all a steamy situation.  

How the idea was born

The post-production works of 'Adhugo' took 2.5 years.  Towards the end, I was fatigued.  I could spend time on preparing for my next film.  I came to know that Amrapali, the IAS officer from Warangal, lived in a bungalow which was haunted.  This is when I revisited the so-called horror genre.  'Aaviri' is a fictionalized story.  I needed a proper story so that there would be no comparisons with 'Avunu'.  

Previous film ate my time

I didn't imagine that 'Adhugo' would need so much time-consuming post-production works.  It was a learning from me.  The shoot was completed in 80 days, though.  

Mechanical effects

The purpose of CG is that it shouldn't be obvious.  In the black-and-white era, mechanical effects were deployed for special effects.  I have used mechanical effects in 'Aaviri'.  

A fine child artist

Baby Sri Muktha is a brilliant find, I must say.  She is the best actress when it comes to pulling it off in a single take.  She is like how Sridevi and Kamal Haasan were as child artists.  She is a Telugu-speaking girl and is a big fan of Motichoor.  She wouldn't act unless she eats it every day.  

Budgets don't matter, ideas do

To me, success means either the audience have to like your movie or the critics have to.  Some films do well commercially even though not many like them.  As far as I am concerned, such films are failures.  A lot of films are made at Rs 150 Cr, Rs 250 Cr.  At the end of the day, many of them have nothing novel to offer.  A film is about ideas, not costs.  When it comes to Marvel films or Avengers series, they are larger than life, exorbitant and visually spectacular.  But a lot of films in India bite the dust even after so much is spent.  I don't want to name them. 

Trying all genres

I take up a film only if the idea behind the story excites me.  I don't over-rely on typical elements.  I have tried different genres, including a slapstick comedy. I am a big fan of action films and I want to make one in this genre. To me, action is about how the hero overcomes dangerous physical situations in reaching his goal.   

Failures hurt me

A problem with me is that I write the film, I product it, I direct it, sometimes I also act, I am involved in lighting, etc.  So, when my films after all this, I lose my heart.  

Playing a father

It was Satyanand garu's idea that I should play the father's role in 'Aaviri'. We contemplated various actors and were sure that none of them will accept the role of a father.  Once an idea is conceived, I constantly work on it.  My mind keeps thinking about it whatever I am doing.  I believe in smart work more than hard work.  

Upcoming movie

Because 'Adugo' got delayed, I missed out on a lot of films as an actor. Even 'Saaho' was offered to me.  I have an idea and might direct it.  It's an unusual film which tells the story of an old man.  It will have to be shot in the US.  The old man's character would have suited ANR garu.  Had he been alive, I might have approached him.  I can't say who will play it.

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