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Abhimanyu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, November 8, 2014 • Kannada ]
Abhimanyu Review
Arjun Sarja, Survin Chawla, Ravi Kaale, Simran Kapoor, Rahul Dev, Biradar, Jahangir, Vinayaprasad, Shafi, Satish and others..
Arjun Sarja
Sri Ram International
Arjun Janya

Terrific action, tolerable narration, appealing in contents – Arjun Sarja in his first direction in Kannada has given a ‘Paisa Vasool’ cinema ‘Abhimanyu’. Living on this earth we should payback for the country (Mannina Runa) in some form. That is what Arjun has done precisely with a unique thought in giving education for all with quality. For Indian subcontinent he suggests ‘Nationalization of Private Schools’. It is a good thought to hear and read.

This ‘Abhimanyu’ is not like the Mahabharat Abhimanyu son of Arjuna. The screen Abhimanyu goes into the problem faces hardship but cinematically he tries at something impossible in real life. Yet the awareness is created in his address to the nation as a common man. The media and youths supporting his envying thought gathers good attention.

Is it possible to find a place for Arjun thought in ‘Modi Sarkar’? A slight change might be possible.

A strong youth in muscle power and mental power Abhimanyu running a Karate school is emotionally hurt when a cute little girl from a slum with her parents commit suicide for lack of paying the donation to the private school. The child father Chandru, in this case sells his one of the two Kidneys to meet the education fees of his daughter. The money hungry mafia of private school takes the toll of the family.

At this juncture the mindset of Abhimanyu changes for something worthwhile for the people of this country. He addresses the nation in front of channels. He seeks nationalization of private school and uniform free structure for equality of education. The support he generates goes in to the spines of big educational institutions businessmen. Post interval it is another master plan of Abhimanyu that changes the education mafia people of this country. Further you have to watch it on screen.

The pattern of narration is predictable but the takings are delectable from Arjun. In the month of Kannada Rajyotsava the Kannada origin Arjun Sarja releasing his first direction film in Kannada gets him additional applaud. He has made the people to think in his direction. It is education foundation stone for living he emphasizes.

In action, dialogue delivery Arjun is ‘King’. His romantic moments are also serious. Survin Chawla, Simran Kapoor given good support. As traditional girl Survin Chawla strong conviction to marry Abhimanyu in prison is appreciable.

We have ‘Utthama Villain’ in Sonu Sood. The trouble shooter always on silver screen stands very strongly with Abhimanyu.

The comedy of Jahangir is not convincing and it does not jell with the screenplay. The role of Vikram Thakore is different from usual villains. The technology used in London portion of shooting is impeccable.

Two tunes of Arjun Janya – a group song and a duet song a few minutes before the climax are good. The song sung by LN Shastry – Kathala Maneyolage Deepa Hachcha Bandavane….is very aptly adjusted.

The bombastic work has come from senior cameraman of Kannada cinema HC Venu. The top angles, the long shots, the usage of light and darkness Venu is vivacious.

Take your family and watch this film.

Score – 8/10




Rating: 0 / 5.0

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