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'Abhimanyudu' is an informative film: Vishal

Monday, May 28, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Abhimanyudu  is an informative film: Vishal

Ahead of the release of 'Abhimanyudu' on June 1, Vishal has visited Hyderabad to promote the film.  In this interview, the actor talks about the film's subject, what it tries to say, etc.  

How has the response been to the Tamil version, which released recently?

'Irumbu Thirai' has turned out to be my career's biggest hit in Tamil.  It has been getting a unanimously positive report and I am glad this is happening in Summer.  It has had even repeat audience.  It's good for the industry.  I am expecting a similar response in the Telugu States for 'Abhimanyudu', which is an informative movie.

In what sense are you describing the movie as informative?  

My dad is a civil engineer in the Army, but I myself never knew that soldiers don't have certain benefits.  The likes of Vijay Mallya escape the country, they are given flight ticket and allowed to flee.  But farmers are humiliated in front of their family members when they don't repay loans.  Our film raises several such relevant questions.  'Abhimanyudu' is a timely film.  It's a universal entertainer which is not specific to any particular state in India.  

What does the film seek to question?

This is not a regular commercial film.  It has got a social message, but at the same time, it's not like an art film.  It's not against Digital India.  The film only asks, 'Are we ready for Digital India?'  

Could you tell us how we are vulnerable, thanks to technology?

Once director PS Mithran completed giving his narration, I was scared to touch my smartphone.  Who knows, it might be tapped!  I don't post personal stuff on Facebook.  By doing such things, we are giving information to criminals.  A school-going kid was recently kidnapped somewhere in India.  Guess who 'helped' the criminals with the information?  It's the mother.  She had been posting everything from which flavour of ice-cream the child likes to school timings etc via Facebook posts.  And the criminals had every information they needed.  They planned the kidnap and executed it right!  

We download so many Apps.  We hit 'Agree' and 'Allow' without even reading them.  By doing so, we give every detail to the App owner.  You type Shirdi temple in Google.  Within an hour, you will see best travel offers somewhere in some App.  We are being tracked.  That's what Arjun sir's character does in the movie.  His character says that he benefits by using the information we give him.  We have been forced to link the Aadhar card with bank details.  This is not foolproof.  We are not in safe hands.  

Did you make this film because it might help your political career?  

I had no political ambition in making 'Abhimanyudu'.  An actor has a social responsibility.  You (journalists) use the pen to tell the truth.  And I use my face value to do the same.  Through a film, I create awareness.  When I will remake 'Temper' in Tamil, it's meant to convey the message that child rapes can be curbed with the death penalty.  For a crime to come down, there has to be severe punishment.  

We are expecting much from Arjun's character in the movie.  He is an intelligent villain.  What is in store?

Arjun sir (Action King Arjun Sarja) plays an unconventional antagonist, a hacker.  He is the unseen force behind the other side of the screen.  For an action film, it's important for both the hero and the villain to be in competition.  Arjun sir has said some lines that other actors will think twice before speaking.  I am glad to have got to work with him as his hero.  It was under him that I had started out my career as an assistant director.

What was the idea behind 'Footage screening'?  Has it worked?  Will you repeat it in future?

'Footage screening' helped us a lot.  Before that, we had four screenings, wherein a select audience would write feedback notes on pieces of paper. There was a song in the second half.  When everybody said that it's hampering the pace, we edited it out completely.  We showed the entire first half to the press three days before the film's release.  'Pandem Kodi-2' will be screened two weeks before its theatrical release.  Feedback always helps the makers in crisp editing.