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Accident on Hill Road Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, December 31, 2009 • Hindi ]
Accident on Hill Road Review
Farooq Sheikh,Celina Jaitly,Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh
Mahesh Nair
Nari Hira
Raju Singh

Inspired from a real incident or a Hollywood bizarre called `Stuck', only Mahesh Nair can answer after asking Mr. Nari Hira.

Well the original was a comedy that indicated the downing level of humanity and insight the world has today, its weird bollywood inspiration is the downing level of creativity and insight our today film fakers ....oops sorry makers have.

Ingeniously nasty which shockingly asks the question why a comedy was made into a thriller which increasingly worsens its chances of providing entertainment moment if it where there any.

After just losing his wife Prakash( Farooq Sheikh - why he signed this) ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time when a high on ecstasy Celina bumps in to him Still, the nashe mein dhoot half time nurse half time party animal Celina has sufficient presence of mind to drive home, stow her car in her garage - even as a semiconscious, sporadically moaning Prakash remains stuck in place - and, come morning, take a cab to work. She's really bummed out by what has happened, but she knows that spilling the beans about her hit-and-run accident might dampen her possible promotion.

So the Celina asks her drug-dealing boyfriend (Abhimanyu Singh) to dispose of the inconvenient body. But there's a complication: The body isn't quite dead. Indeed, the longer he remains trapped in the windshield, the more time Prakash has to gather strength for the slow and painful process of escape.

In the end he manages to escape and we take a deep breadth.   

The pic was suppose to be thrillingly unsettling but turns into a irritating bore where the audience hardly generate any sympathy towards prakash which should have been. "Accident is a meaningless directionless drive which boldly underlines the difference between a film maker and a faker.

Celina is okay. Abhimanyu is passable. It was sad to watch the immensely talented Farooq Sheikh in such a pity situation.

Movies like this should come with a strict warning like those in cigarettes and alcohol

Verdict- Watch it at your own risk.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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