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Actor gets warning for making prank calls to another actor's sister

Thursday, April 9, 2020 • Tamil Comments

The coronavirus lockdown keeps many people indoors and is the reason for frustration and worries but some people take it as an opportunity to have fun at the expense of others without considering the adverse effect it could cause. Veteran actor Pratap Pothen has warned another actor for making prank calls to his sister.

Pratap's Facebook post reads ""My sister is in her late 80’s she lives in italy and has a beautiful home in aluva …lucky she came back from there before the virus hit that place …..she lives alone as her husband and and son died a few years ago ….I am living in Chennai i have asked her many times to stay with me …but has refused my offer …but yesterday an idiot on a mobile phone called her pretending its me ….her driver picked up the mobile and he was told it was me …so he gave the phone to her thinking it was me ….the guy immediately started coughing and started coughing and trying to act (he is a failed actor) and overdid the coughing part …my sister said I can’t understand what you are saying he kept repeating I am pratap ..she cut the phone and called me …I was having a bath at the time so I coudn’t answer ..she didn’t bother to look at the nos that called her …but on hearing my name she was worried I called her back and she was relived …she is not very adept at finding out the nos …then through my instruction she found the nos …it was a Trivandrum number ….and I knew who it was ….I want to tell these borrowing show offs that they will be in big trouble ….they think that they can hassle an old lady ….god help those assholes …any more calls and I will report it ….they have workers whose telephone they have borrowed to make me angry … guys can kneel and pray to god to survive your problems …but you this one more time and then there will be arrests one will forgive you frightening an old lady,"

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