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Actress cuts her hair in Tamil Bigg Boss, too!

As the Tamil 'Bigg Boss' season is nearing its end, contestants are getting really competitive, much as in the Telugu cousin hosted by Nani. And it looks like they would go any length to win the title.

Recently, contestant Aishwarya, an actress, got Sendrayan to color his hair. And in Wednesday's episode, it seems Sendrayan has been given the task to make Aishwarya cut her hair!  Maybe because of guilt pangs, Aishwarya accepts to cut her hair to save Sendrayan.  Reminds you of a happening in the Telugu 'Bigg Boss'

As is her wont, Mumtaj, the small-time starlet, adds fuel to the fire by saying that she wouldn’t even cut two inches from her hair. However, Aishwarya goes on to cut her hair.  The fans of the reality show are wondering if the act will this earn her a soft spot amongst viewers?