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Actress shot dead in US in bizarre incident

In a bizarre incident, an actress has been shot dead by cops who were called in to help her after neighbours wanted to check her well being.  The actress is Vanessa  Marquez, who lived in South Pasadena, California.  She was reportedly suffering from depression, shopping addiction and Obsessive Compulsion Disorder (OCD).  Last Thursday, the cops had been called in to check on her and when they went inside her house, she was found to be having seizures.

The cops and paramedics were trying to get her to accept their help for 90 minutes when all of a sudden Vanessa Marquez pulled out a revolver and aimed at the officers.  The cops are said to have shot her in self-defense and when she was rushed to the hospital, she was declared dead.  The residents of South Pasadena are shocked to hear that the gun that the actress pulled out was actually a BB gun which had very less chance of harming.  An investigation has been started to ascertain whether the officers acted in haste.

Vanessa Marquez is famous for her role in the television series 'ER' and was also a good singer.  She was recently in the limelight claiming through the MeToo moment that she was sexually harassed on the sets of the serial and also accused top star George Clooney of blacklisting her after she complained.

 Meanwhile, the cops have asked the public not to jump to conclusions while the investigation is on.