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I took treatment during 'Antariksham': Aditi Rao

Monday, December 17, 2018 • Telugu Comments

I took treatment during Antariksham: Aditi Rao

Aditi Rao Hydari will be seen as an astronaut in 'Antariksham', which releases on December 21.  In this interview, she talks about her role in the movie, why doing it was very hard, what she thinks about the length of her roles in different movies and more.  

What made you accept the space thriller?

When Sankalp first offered me the film, I told him that it might be difficult for me to oscillate between Hyderabad and Mumbai.  I was doing 'Sammohanam' when the director called me up and asked me to read the script first.  It's then that I felt I should try a realistic character like that of an astronaut.

What kind of homework went into the movie?

A lot of preparation went into the production works.  We worked with technicians from Bulgari and Eastern Europe.  We had to hang ourselves to the ropes for days of shooting.  I learned backflipping, somersault and stuff. But I hurt my neck while shooting. 

What is the exact nature of the difficulties you faced?

It used to be so hard that, at times, the ropes would be too tight for the blood to flow freely.  I took physiotherapy and four pain-killers a day and got back to shoot in two days without telling my parents.  The doctors advised me to take total bed rest for 10 days.  I didn't want to take rest as the sets were expensive and I didn't want to keep them waiting.  

What is your character in the movie?

I play the role of Riya, an intern who is an expert in communications. But I end up getting trained as an astronaut over the course of the film.  I didn't meet any astronaut as part of the homework.  Astronaut Rakesh Sharma used to come to a school known to me to see his children off.  I used to interact with him during those days.  He used to tell me about his experiences.  

Is it a triangular love story, given there is another heroine?

Mine is a full-fledged role in the movie.  This is not a triangular love story.  Lavanya Tripathi's role appears in the flashback.

In films like 'Padmaavat', you have played only bit roles.  Are you ok with such roles?

I never think about the length of my role.  In Hollywood, actors don't bother about it much.  A few actors in contemporary times in India are not particular about the length of their roles.  I want to be a part of good films.  It's enough if the audience remembers your character.  I am not saying that I am doing great cinema.  I have to learn a lot as an actress.  I respect those with whom I work.  I always try to give my best as an actor.  

Have you dubbed for 'Antariksham'?

I wanted to dub my voice but the director said no.  I did dub for 'Sammohanam'.  I love to dub my voice always.  

It seems you are enjoying your work quite a lot.  What keeps you going?

I love my work.  I can work skipping my food and sleep even.  I am doing a film in the direction of Dhanush.  I have worked in two shifts for 12 days at a stretch for this one.  I am lucky to be showered with limitless love.  It's not possible to get in all professions.  

What is your take on the Me too movement?

It's the responsibility of everyone to take care of his or her own safety.  I have always almost got to work with good people. People have taken care of me, be it in Hindi or Telugu film industries.  Everyone has to fight for the safety of women in the film industry.  There should be equality and one shouldn't misuse power.

What are your upcoming movies?

Besides Dhanush's movie, I am working with director Mysskin.  I see Mani Ratnam garu as my guide.

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