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Ahista Ahista Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, August 18, 2006 • Hindi ]
Ahista Ahista Review
Abhay Deol,Soha Ali Khan,Shayan Munshi,Shakeel Khan,Kamini Khanna,Sohrab Ardeshir
Shivam Nair
Anjum Rizvi

Hrishikesh Mukherjee may be breathing his last. But his brand of simple-n-effective story telling will continue to live with the likes of Shivam Nair. For Nair takes you completely by surprise in his masterly crafted love story `Ahista Ahista' that tickles your funny bone with cleverly written lines by writer Imtiaz Ali and a sedate story line that seldom compromises on the objective. The whiff-of-fresh-breeze stars like Abhay Deol and Soha Ali Khan add their Glorious Charm in a film that's a complete revelation with its nascent effervescence.

`Ahista Ahista' is a notable cinematic experience because of the conviction in telling a story within a certain paradigm and sticking to one's beliefs. It's a film where the hero from a lower middle class background wears the believable-and-likable check shirts and half sweaters that are worn during winters in the heart of North India. The heroine sticks to her salwaar kameez and doesn't find an excuse of an exotic song to get into that shimmering mini skirt. A few in the crowd were a bit saddened by the ending, but even there, the protagonist doesn't do anything conventional. The sacrificial goat accepts the decisiveness of the situation, not with a smile, but with a shrug of accepting fate. In other words, you can feast on vintage Romance of the sixties where Loving was more about caring-n-being-together.

Ankush (Abhay Deol) is a self-appointed Professional Witness to prolific marriages conducted at the Marriage Registration Centre in Old Delhi. He charges a mere Rs 200/ for `setting' the life of blissful couples. One fine morning he meets Megha (Soha Ali Khan). She was waiting for Dheeraj (Shayan Munshi), the man for whom she had run away from her home in Nainital. But this was one marriage for which Ankush couldn't offer his services as Dheeraj never turned up. Looking at the pretty innocent face of Megha, he decided to help her out of this distressing situation. Good friend Zulfu's (Shakeel Khan) Ammi (Daisy Irani) rebuked Megha in front of the entire Gulley (Lane).

A few failed attempts later Ankush helps Megha find a place in a girl's hostel in an Old Age Home. Zulfu helps out Ankush as he needed a fat sum of Deposit Money that the Father at the old age home asked for. The concern for the girl-in-need-of-help `Ahista Ahista' graduates into affection. Ammi wanted her money back and it forces Ankush to take up job as an agent in a Bank. Megha guides her saviour as to how he could get new bank accounts opened by people whose marriages he had been a `witness' to. A few melodious songs and Dilli-Darshan later, Ankush is a changed person who dresses like an executive. The expression of love after a `Perfect Evening' was beautiful and very-small-city-like. They even agree to get married. There was a new job up for grabs as well. And then things turn around like a clock that stops ticking. Suddenly. 

Abhay Deol's Ankush is a nimble charmer that enters your heart without making too much of an effort. He is extremely funny when he teases Zulfu's Ammi. Their nok-jhok is exceptional. And that in itself gives you a reason to look forward to watching it the second time around. His chemistry with Soha is exceptional. The rumour of the two being an item definitely helps. The nervous kiss that he plants on her lips speaks volumes about his possible appeal amongst multitudinous female fans. Even the negative shade his character carries has been executed exceptionally well. The scene where he presents the forged death certificate of Megha to Dheeraj and the subsequent guilt has fine undertones of subtlety. I can go on and on about this Deol, but I'd rather sum it up by stating that Abhay is the star to watch out for. His next film will be eagerly anticipated.

Soha Ali Khan seems to be growing in stature with each passing film. `Pyaar Mein Twist' and `Shaadi No. 1'

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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