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Air hostess caught red-handed smuggling $500,000

Thursday, January 11, 2018 • Kannada Comments

For someone who is used to high skies, Devshi Kulshreshtha is now in deep waters. A flight attendant by profession, Devhsi was caught red-handed when she tried to smuggle exorbitant amounts of cash out of the country. 

Devshi has tried to conceal $100 bills of almost  $500,000 below cosmetics and shoes in her baggage. Moreover she had also utilised foil wrappers to avert being recognised by the x-ray scanners in the airport. However, she wasn’t able to outsmart the slueths from the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence who stopped the Jet Airways flight at Delhi at 2 am which was Hong-Kong bound.

The officials who were able to retrive a staggering $480,000 dollars also found that she worked under a man from New Delhi who ran an extensive smuggling network. The routine was to gather cash from bullion dealers locally and send it abroad through Devshi only to get it back in the form of gold.