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Vijayalakshmi makes Aishwarya break out in tears

Since her entry as a wild card into the show, Vijayalakshmi has been giving a tough competition to contestants.  Especially so, her game with Yaashika and Aishwarya has always been spot on. 

Maybe, she has leverage because she been a viewer for two months before becoming a contestant herself and her strategy is strong. As soon as she made her entry in the house, she stated to Kamal that Yaashika is negative and Aishwarya is dependent. 

Meanwhile, in the latest promo that we’ve seen, she says to Aishwarya that Tamil Nadu people are not fools. “TN people will compromise with everyone. They will celebrate with you. But they are not fools,” she said.

And waterworks begin for Aishwarya as Yaashika Anand comes and consoles her. Looks like the duo’s plan to clinch the title is turning vague.