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Ajay Devgn: No Friday can change my preferences
Saturday, August 24, 2013 • Hindi Comments

The invincible Ajay Devgn has done it all.. comedy, intense role, social drama’s, action roles. Ajay Devgn versatility as an actor is unquestionable.. He is back once again with his favourite Prakash Jha in Satyagraha.. Ajay’s greed to excel is the same and he doesn,t changes preferences every Friday..

Here he speaks openly with indiaglitz about his role, his films and the industry in general

Is this film a triology to Rajneeti ?

Yes that’s what Prakash Jha said he wants to make a trilogy.  I made fun of him that he should stop making political ventures.  It was Rajneeti, Aarakshan and now this film.

You are talking about social process is your character reflecting the dichotomy of modern Indian youth of sorts?

It does. It is said that greed is very important and if there is no greed why would you work hard or progress.  Greed is the agent to progress and if channelized in the right way that greed will make your country to progress. Only greed can take you forward. I need to live in a better environment and a better scenario or a country.  Only that greed can take you ahead. If you want your future to be good and your country’s situation to be good you got to be greedy.

What does Satyagraha mean to you? Do you think the youth believe in it?

Satyagraha means getting your demands with the use of non-violence. It is important that you channelize your anger and use it or channelize it in the right way.  Gandhiji was a very aggressive and violent person. But if I say this people will get angry.  But what you don’t realize that is if he was not aggressive he wouldn’t have been successful with Satyagraha.  If you don’t have that aggression you cannot think like and you have to have that anger or frustration.  He channelized it in such a way that he used it in a non-violent way.  I am sure if he was alive today our youth who is full of anger and frustration would stand up and join him.  This wouldn’t happen twenty years back.  This is what we are trying to tell the youth of the country.

Your character has grey Shades.  This your third film with Prakash Jha which has grey shades apart from Rajneeti and Apaharan?

Yes but once again my character uses his aggressiveness in non-violence.

Your character was aggressive in Halla Bol too what went wrong with that film?

In Halla Bol my character falters he doesn’t take the situation forward.  Here I win the situation. In this film everyone is crying. The rich is cry as the rate of dollar has gone up and the poor because the prices of onions have gone up.

On one hand you are doing aggressive and intense roles and on the other those mindless comedies ?

Yes directors come to me with a feeling that I will be able to pull of such roles. I say yes when I am ready for the script. I do such films for personal satisfaction. I want to balance my work. I am lucky people have accepted me in such roles.

Do you feel the audience has accepted you in intense roles of Prakash Jha’s films ?

It depends. I look at entertainment that way. I connect with characters like Gangajal.  I do films for stories, if I like a script I take it up.   I told Prakash Jha when he was doing Aarakshan that don’t do any more films on politics now. I knew that the film wouldn’t do well.  I was busy doing some other film at that time and hence could not do Chakravyuh. We later started working on Satyagraha.

Any memories of Satyagraha for you ?

I never participated in movements.  Yes during childhood I protested for wrong things. But apart from that I never participated in any political movements.  I tweeted strongly when the Delhi Rape case happened in the morning. In the evening the tweets were blocked as aggression had increased.

What changes do you feel should be made in this country at this point of time ?

We should take a stand on what the country needs now.  We need a strong majority party.  It’s our fault because we all decide things differently. When there is coalition no one takes a stand.  Obama took two terms to come to terms with the economic growth of United States.  If we want to do something everyone has to be together.  I don’t think we have progressed to that level. We should have two parties so that they can take a call when the situation arises.  Dictatorship cannot happen as we are in a democratic country.

What is the Moral of the story ?

Moral is secondary. We have not made this film for any morals or lessons.  More than the Morals it is the stars, characters, personal story, emotional bonding. It’s a beautiful story with the backdrop of politics. What I love about Prakash Jha’s films is that he has found a balance with his stories and he tells what he wants through commercial films.  He doesn’t try to make it a documentary.

How is it working with Amitabh Bachchan. What do you learn from him ?

I have worked with him in so many films and learnt so much from him.  I have seen him as a child and I have grown up watching him.  Every day you learn so much from him.

We heard he gave up food when he was doing Satyagraha scene ?

No one takes so much trouble for a role as much as he does, despite being such a great actor and having done so many films and being famous. He does every role with the same dedication and enthusiasm that he must have done with his first film.

On whom is your role modeled on ?

It’s not based or modeled on any particular character. It’s a fresh story. Basically the film is based on four characters from different fields with different beliefs. It’s a film about relationship. There is a negative problem in the film like every other film. Here the issue is this.  He’s a multimillionaire and believes in everything negative. How he changes and channelizes the youth today.

Do you feel that the youth will believe in Satyagraha ?

Of course they will because we have justified the film in the end.  We have seen to it that it has a practical solution.  Whenever we have such situations we don’t see progress after a certain point of time.  Apart from a candle March does the youth do after that..

Your last film did not do well at the box office. Does the success or failure affect your relationship withthe director ?

Usually we analyze what went wrong with the film if it does not do well. Our personal relationships do not get affected.

You are doing your next film with Prabhudeva, tell us about it? What other films are you working on ?

I was more than taken up by surprise the way he shoots. The film is an action comedy. He performs too as he is an actor and his sense of humor is so subtle. I am doing this film and working on Singham 2 next.

What next do we see you working on as a