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Akash Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, July 21, 2005 • Kannada ]
Akash Review
Puneet Raj Kumar, Ramya, Avinash, Kishor, Ahitha, Pavithra Lokesh, Ashish Vidyarthi
Mahesh Babu
Ms. Parvathamma Raj Kumar

"Akash" is the new production from Kannada Movie icon Dr. Raj Kumar's production company, better known for its neat family entertainers. The films produced by Ms. Parvathamma Raj Kumar, wife of Dr. Raj Kumar have some brand value in the Kannada film industry, as the films will not have even a tinge of sex, violence and double meaning dialogues. 
"Akash" confirms to all these standards, and presents the hero of the film in a totally different manner. He is an optimist; straightforward chatter box that can keep others in good humor. His intention is to keep every one happy, even at the cost of some discomfort to himself. He takes all the incidents in his own life as it comes and then reacts to such situations in his own way. According to him life is one thing, which teaches us to take positively. But he has such a great love towards his sister that any person will be at the grave risk of being attacked vigorously if any one plays with her. The high point of this film is the characterization of the hero, which comes off very well in the film. 
Kannada film industry's young super star Puneet Raj Kumar, third son of Dr. Raj Kumar has played the role of Akash in this film. The movie revolves around his character and it is to the credit of this young actor that he takes the big responsibility on his shoulders and delivers the goods. Puneet shows that he can be casual, and yet deliver his lines, which can penetrative deep into the audience. 
Another high point of this film is the performance of Ramya, the heroine of the film. This is the second film in which Puneet Raj Kumar and Ramya have been paired together. Ramya not only looks glamorous in the film, but has also proved that she can take up some challenging characters also. 
 "Akash" also introduces a young director Mahesh Babu to the Kannada film industry who focuses more on presenting his film with as much reality as possible. Yes, it is a commercial film, but the characters are very much identifiable. Director Mahesh has also been able to get good performances from all the lead artists in the film. He has obtained good technical support from Cameraman Prasad Babu and Editor Manohar who have tried to present the film well. 
 Another highlight of the film is the dialogues written by M.S.Ramesh. But the same cannot be said about the work of R.P.Patnayak who has not matched the expectations of fans. Except for one song "Neene Neene', the quality of other songs can not be described as top class, 
"Akash" does not boast of a great story, but what makes it attractive to the audience is the way the film has been narrated. The audience will feel the difference within ten minutes of its viewing. Though Puneet has a great charismatic appeal and enjoys a great level of popularity, he is presented as the boy next-door character. 
 There is also a strong message in the film for the youngsters that they should rather have confidence on their own ability than to look for some government jobs. "Akash" comes as a fresh flavor film. It has some lively performances from artists, good work by technicians and will not bore you for even a second. You can watch it and enjoy.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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