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Akshay Kumar: Stars should be socially responsible
Thursday, December 12, 2013 • Hindi Comments

Recently Akshay Kumar had invited the police officers to train in his personal gym. Now we hear that the B-Town’s Khiladi has stepped in to encourage people to ride safety and the Mumbai Police has made the star the face of the campaign.

Talking on this, Akshay stated, "Stars are considered icons. So we should all be socially responsible... Actors really aren’t qualified to preach, but we do have a sense of humanity; all of us do. If we can make something better, we try to."

In Particular about this cause about wearing a helmet Akshay said, "A lot of people wear a helmet. Some wear a helmet not to save their lives but wear it so that cops don't pull them over."

Akshay himself loves bikes He only rides it when he drops his son to school or when he takes his wife for an ice cream. Referring to speed riding, Akki pointed out, "I see youngsters riding recklessly. I personally feel like telling them that it’s not cool."

The actor strongly feels that it is wrong to consider that films create bad impression on youngsters. Akshay justified, "As far as people say that films wrongly influence youngsters, in all honesty it’s not about the films; it’s the lack of punishment that makes them think they can get away with it. We all should wear helmets while riding bikes."