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"I modelled my role in 'Amma Kanakku' on my mother" : Amala Paul
Sunday, June 26, 2016 • Tamil Comments

We caught up with the pretty Amala Paul on the eve of her new movie ‘Amma Kanakku’ release for an exclusive interview in which she shares many things about her adventurous side and life and career after marriage.  Here is the transcription of the interview.

You have got a tanned look,whats happening?

I went to the Himalayas to get it (Laughs).  I just came back from an 110 kilometer trek  which lasted for ten days.  Ive been away from the world and I am not yet ready for the world but since my film ‘Amma Kanakku’ is releasing  I have to pull myself up.

Share something more about the trip...

It was very cold out there about minus 5 at the base camp halfway through it was unbearable but I thought instead of going back I pushed myself to go ahead.  Out of a group of twelve only five of us completed the trek in the end.  I enjoyed being away from people and meeting the shepherds in the hills.  I am basically a very adventurous person from my childhood.

Tell us about your part in Amma Kanakku ...

It was a wonderful experience playing the mother and if you see my career I have taken risks with my roles even as a youngster doing films like ‘Mili’ in Malayalam.  I am so pampered and comfortable in life and I enjoyed playing the character Shanthi in ‘Amma Kanakku’ in which I had to live an ordinary life working in a fish market and laundering clothes.  I took my mother as the model to do the character and she is my inspiration for the character as well as in life.  The film brought back my childhood memories and how my mother used to look after me.

What did the director Ashwini Iyer Tiwari think about your performance?

The director told me that both films are very different and she felt that ‘Nil Battey Sannata,’ is more classy but ‘Amma Kanakku is more emotional as there is more positivity in the film.

There are bound to be comparisons between you and Swara Bhaskar what is
your take on that?

Both the films are so different from scene to scene and each actor who comes into the film contributes to it.

People say that you will get an award for this film...

You are asking me this because Dhanush said that on stage but I don’t take up a role thinking of awards for I believe the people’s award is the most important and I am happy if they see Shanthi on screen.

Its been two years since your wedding how is life?

Vijay and I knew each other for a very long time and he is not just a husband but a friend, a brother, a father everything.  We give each other a lot of space and he respects me a lot as a wife, an actor and a friend and its going very well.

In Indian cinema actresses retire after marriage and later make a comeback but your case...

I didn’t retire and I stuck to the industry (Laughs)  and honestly I don’t feel much change and the fact is it is I who wanted a break as I started my career at a very young age of 19 and it was a mad journey.  I want to see the world outside of an actor.  I have a lot interests like travelling and exploring and I enjoyed that.  Lot of offers are coming my way and I think the old trend is changing now.  I am doing romantic roles in Malayalam but I want to do more intense films in Tamil.  Right now I am in this space where I can choose my roles and I want to make good use of it.  Iam in a very happy and best phase of my life.