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"I am happy that I know a wonderful person like Vijay"- Amala Paul
Saturday, August 12, 2017 • Tamil Comments

Actress Amala Paul's 'VIP 2' her second film with Dhanush after the blockbuster 'VIP' has released on Friday amid huge expectations and the film is touted to take  a huge opening at the box office. Shalini played by Amala Paul is the over-caring wife of Raghuvaran in the sequel directed by Soundarya Rajinikanth and the young actress is getting widespread appreciations for her performance in the film.

On the personal side Amala has survived a break up with her husband and director Vijay last year. The couple who entered wedlock after being in a romance relationship for years are divorced now Unlike many other stars who either refuse to talk about their failed marriage or talk only the negatives of their ex-partner Amala Paul stands tall as the one who still speaks nice words about Vijay. 

In her exclusive interview to IndiaGlitz, the 'Deivathirumagal' actress shared a lot about breakup,what she thinks about her short marriage life with Vijay and also her plans of getting hitched again. 

"I don't like to call it bad. It's about experiences which are not pleasant, you call them bad. For me it was painful of course but I think suffering is biologically helpful, if helps you evolve, it makes you a better person. It depends on you, how you look at it. About my marriage life, it has been pretty painful, pretty sad. I can't say there was no unpleasantness at all. I can't say it was smooth and happy or anything. There were lot of painful experiences we both went through. Since we both are celebrities, we both are from the industry, lot of people got involved unnecessarily, media stories, it just got out of our control. Apart from that it happened. Life can't be always be stable always right. There are things which are out of your control. I chose to look at the brighter side of life and move on. I made peace with it by forgiving myself and forgiving others involved in it and I am happy. "

Does she feel she rushed into her marriage?

"I don't know. A couple of months back, I would've said that. But right now I am in a point where when I look back, I am able to connect the dots. I think everything happens in your life for a reason. At the age of 23,  I got married. I think it would've worked if I married a little later on, as a person with little more maturity and little more to understand about marriage how it works. May be it would have worked, you never know. But I am so glad that I was married and could know a wonderful person like Vijay. There is so much that we contributed into each other's life. I think I was too kiddish and the person I've become right now is like a drastic change. I am so happy about the person I've become right now- to value life more and to value things in it, to value people and my work everything, That has made me very matured and I help me evolve and I am glad it happened. "

Will she get hitched again? 

"Why not? of course I will. I am not in 'O I hate relationships' phase. I will never be in that phase. Definitely it will happen but I think right now I am trying to make my relationship with myself more better because there are a lot of things which I have to focus right now- my career, myself and a lot of other interesting things I am planning to do. If it happens let it (happen)."