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Amaravathi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, December 3, 2009 • Telugu ]
Amaravathi Review
Bhavya creations
Tararatna, Ravibabu, Bhoomika, Meera Jasmine, Sneha and others
Ananda Prasad

In Amaravathi, did you ever expect Ravi Babu to play the most important actor?  In fact, he is the lead of the film.  In his acting career spanning many years, probably this is the first time that he is playing a non-villainous or non-comedic character.  And, he does succeed in running the show well.  His latest directorial offering Amaravathi, is a suspense thriller, that throws one of the most interesting antagonists in recent times.  The other important highlight of the film, of course, is its technical finesse.

The film begins in a village that was historically known to have been famous for pearls.  Pubescent children Seenu and Amaravathi are friends who love to spend time at the village's lake, with the former going on an endless search for pearls in the water.  While Amaravathi is the daughter of the village's richie, Seenu is the son of a servant maid.  Amaravathi's father does not like the closeness Seenu shares with Amaravathi and warns his mother against their friendship.  On the day Seenu ultimately finds the pearls in the lake, he enters into Amaravathi's room against the wishes of her father.  Suspecting a physical relationship between the two, the father slits the throat of Seenu and throws him in water.

After the credits roll, a series of macabre incidents are shown in which an unidentified person goes about cutting babies from the womb of three or four pregnant mothers.  Farther from the crime story, Ravi Babu, an Agent of the Special Task Force, is ministering his wife for the last fifteen months, who is recuperating after a self-inflicted bullet injury.  The maverick investigating officer is enlisted on the tough job to nab the womb-raider, who is on a hunt snacthing babies from 9-month pregnant mothers.

With his sharp wit, he cracks down the criminal in no time.  Tarakratna is found to be a behavioural deviant soon.  Though the audience may think that he is a psychopath, he is a clever criminal in full control of his mind.  Trust, he can control others' minds too.  A hypnotist by choice, he can put professionals to shame.  What is his agenda?  Who does he want to use as his instruments to slice open the uterus of some more unlucky mothers?

The criminal in question does not kill anyone.  He has a care for the babies (you should know the reason by watching it yourself).  Only, the mothers undergo a miscarriage.  Though there is no murders that are taking place, you feel that Amaravathi is one of the most macabre films.  It is not because of the sound effects or any other technical/artistic factor, but because of the idea of separating an unborn from it's mother's womb.  The visuals of pregnant mothers suffering trauma at the hands of the womb-raider haunt you much later too.

Performances in the film are adequate.  Tarakratna is sans moustache and looks fearful making eerie songs or singing old classics.  It is a Ravi Babu in which he is not a soft villain, terrifying nevertheless, that would make us whistle and clap.  Sneha and Bhumika do not get much footage.  So much for a film that was touted as starring the two ladies in significant characters.  Half-two has good content, while half-one seems too short.

Bhoomika, playing Amaravathi, is the cause of the story, but not a part to it.  Number Ten has a special story here - the significance of which we were never told.   Background score by  is good.
All in all, Amaravathi is watchable if you are one who enjoys edge-of-the-seat thrillers.

Released on: 3rd December, 2009

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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