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'Amavasya' is a unique horror film with novel story: Team

Saturday, February 2, 2019 • Telugu Comments

Amavasya is a unique horror film with novel story: Team

Amavasya' ('Amavas' in Hindi) stars Sachiin Joshi and Nargis Fakhri in lead roles. The horror action thriller hits the screens on February 8. Sachiin, director Bhushan Patel and others associated with the movie are in Hyderabad to promote it. Here are excerpts from their interaction with the media.

Sachiin Joshi:

This is the kind of film I had been looking for. It's about doing a distinct film. My previous film, 'Veedevadu', too, was different. 'Amavasya' is a classic horror wherein new-age VFX has been used. The deployment of graphics is novel. Above all, it has got a very good story.

We have shot in Telugu and Hindi. All the close-up shots have been done separately in Telugu. Tollywood is my primary industry.

I am playing Karan. Nargis is Ahana. I propose her for marriage. She sees a house and insists that I go there. Karan doesn't want to go there as it has a back story. How the duo ends up there and what happens afterwards is the crux. The entire story takes place over a weekend.

The castle where we shot the film is said to be haunted. We didn't know it before. Only 3-4 people knew that it's haunted.

The director has made super-hit films like '1920', 'Alone' and 'Ragini-MMS 2'. He is a horror specialist. Most makers focus only on the effects. In 'Amavasya', it's the story that's the primary focus.

Horror is my favourite genre. I have watched a countless number of horror movies. When I interact with people, they tell me they want to watch Hollywood horror movies. We have brought to the table what the audience wants.

I have read so many scripts belonging to this genre. None of them excited me. The way Bhushan narrated the story, it's totally exciting. Screenplay is the key. It has a unique one. Horror is just a part of the overall experience. The idea was to make a good film. It's not about the genre.

There is nothing negative in the title. 'Amavasya' is just a time of the month. It's believed that ghosts are powerful on full moon days. I believe in ghosts. Those who don't believe in spirits should watch our movie to know what they are like.

The audience will be blown away by the BGM. Music is a part of our lives in India. We all listen to music. We all have our favourites. I work on the music of my films. For my first Telugu film ('Mounamelanoyi'), I worked with Ramana Gogula to get that song 'O Priyurala'.

I can't keep doing films like my actor-friends. It's not my full-time job. Acting is my passion.

I wanted to cast Telugu actors in some roles. But due to visa issues, we had to give up the idea.


I have never had this kind of VFX in any Hindi or south Indian film. Sachin wanted to have the best VFX. It's a first-of-its-kind in the history of Indian cinema. The story sounds very simple. But it's not. The second half is quite layered. The climax is a shocker.

It's not a remake. It's an original story. It's not inspired or copied. I would like to thank Sachin for ensuring my first Telugu film.

When I narrated the story to Sachin, he accepted the movie in 3 minutes flat. We wanted to work together.

Character artist

I am not the ghost in the movie. I am not doing any comedy here. I am the caretaker of the bungalow where Sachin comes. The director wanted my character to be someone who lightens up the sequences. The way I speak, the way I walk, the way I react will bring a smile on the audience's face.

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