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Amrutha-Maruthi Rao film: RGV responds to alleged letter by Amrutha

Monday, June 22, 2020 • Telugu Comments

Amrutha-Maruthi Rao film: RGV responds to alleged letter by Amrutha

On Sunday, soon after Ram Gopal Varma announced a film on the caste killing of Pranay in 2018 by Amrutha's father, Maruthi Rao, a particular note allegedly written by Amrutha started doing rounds on the Internet. The note brings out Amrutha's disappointment with RGV commercializing her story. It's not known how genuine the letter is.

RGV, on his part, has responded to the criticism of him and his film 'Murder' in a series of tweets on Monday. "I wanted to answer to a widely circulated note on the social media claiming to be written by Amrutha, that she felt like committing suicide after she came to know that I am making a film called MURDER based on her and her father’s story. Whether Amrutha wrote it or some jobless over enthusiast wrote it, I felt obligated to respond to it to clarify the concerns in the minds of whoever is needlessly concerned about what I will show in MURDER," the director begins saying.

"Firstly I clearly mentioned in the poster that MURDER is based on a true story and I did not claim it to be the true story..The news upon which my film is based upon is in the public domain for years and has been acknowledged by the various people involved," he adds.

"My film meanders between 3 moral dilemmas 1. On limit of a father’s control over his child 2. Should a daughter be ignored even if she’s presumably ignorant about what’s good for her? 3. Can it be justified to take someone’s life in order to better someone else’s life?" RGV ponders.

Suggesting that his perspective of the incident of honour killing will be known only after the film's release, RGV says that it's premature to judge him. "It is always a perspective as in the view of any journalist who reported it or anyone who investigated it or anyone who speculated about it and I as a filmmaker while making MURDER have a right to give my own understanding of it," RGV adds.

The 'Lakshmi's NTR' director adds that it is "foolish to assume that I am going to show someone involved in a negative light because I strongly believe that nobody is bad and only bad circumstances make people look bad or make them behave badly."

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