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Andala Ramudu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, August 18, 2006 • తెలుగు ]
Andala Ramudu Review
Mega Supergood Films Pvt. Ltd
Sunil, Arti Agarwal, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu, Venu Madhav, Kondavalasa, Lakshmipti, Ramachandra Rao, Lakkimsetty, Chalapati Rao
P Lakshmi Narayana
NV Prasad, Paras Jain
SA Raj Kumar
Andala Ramudu

Super Good Films is a prestigious banner which had produced several successful films and RB Choudary is a well-known producer among the Telugu film buffs. Now he joined hands with some of his friends who planned to join the film industry to produce Telugu films. He launched another banner Megaa Super Good Films with himself being a presenter and his friends SV Prasad and Paras Jain as producers. The trio decided to handover the mega phone to a debutante P Lakshminarayana (Deepti) to direct the remake of 'Sundara Purushan', a hit film in Tamil. At the same time they experimented to promote star comedian Sunil as hero of their film. Aarthi Agarwal was roped in for the female lead.

Ramudu (Sunil) returns to his village 20 years after the death of his parents. He is fond of his maradalu (sister-in-law) Radha (Arthi Agarwal), daughter of his maternal uncle Bhushanam (Kota Srinivasa Rao), right from his childhood. However Radha loves Raghu (Akash). Bhushanam accepts Radha's love on a condition that Raghu should get a job. Raghu fails to get a job and Bhushanam warns him to secure a job within a month or forget her. Ramudu gives him a job to please Radha, and the latter conveys her thanks and invites Ramudu for the engagement. Innocently, Ramudu believes that she is going to be engaged to him but finds Raghu in that place. However, Ramudu's step-brother (Venumadhav) decides to help his brother and implicates Raghu in a murder case. As there is no option, Bhushanam requests Ramudu to marry Radha. But, being aware of the love between Radha and Raghu, Ramudu wants to keep himself off from her until she accepts him. But he treats Radha with utmost care as a husband and true lover. On one day, Ramudu reveals to his grandmother (Vadivukkarasi) that Raghu was falsely implicated in the murder case, of course at his behest. Radha deserts Ramudu and returns to her father on learning about this. But, Ramudu decides to correct his mistake and gets Raghu released on bail to prove his innocence. But, the entire village decides to separate them and unite Raghu and Radha. Finally, Radha realises that Raghu suspected her fidelity and it is her hubby who really loved her and joins Ramudu for a happy climax.

Sunil performed excellently in the film and all the shades were etched well in that character. He gave comedy, showed heroism, cried at his best in sentimental scenes and danced superbly in the film. Arthi Agarwal also gave good performance. Not just like a glam doll, she had got some scope to perform. Especially, the slapping the hero scene, the scene before the climax when she explained how best her husband is and how artificial her lover's love came out very well. Venumadhav's comedy is okay and the comedy track between Brahmanandam and Venumadhav evoked good humour. Sameer Reddy's cinematography is worth watching. Once again it was established that music director SA Rajkumar's combination with Super Good Films comes out well and all the song numbers are quite melodious. At the same time, choreography of all the songs were scintillating. The word 'fantastic' is quite small to say about Sunil's dance. At the same time, the simple sets in the backdrop in screening the songs is amazing. The art director used motorbikes, cycles as sets which are simply superb. Though a novice Deepti did a wonderful job and proved himself yet another promising director. However, the only drawback in his direction is that he failed to etch Akash's role well. He failed to establish the love between Akash and Aarthi and the negative shade in Akash. As a whole the film is worth watching by the entire family for its songs and the performance by Sunil and Aarthi duo.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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