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'Angaraka' Next Week

Thursday, January 2, 2014 • Telugufont Comments

Slated for release on 10th of January 2014 ‘Angaraka’ is making good preparations for publicity of the film. A film by Smt Jayasudha Raghavendra is about superstition and love at the outset. There is enough of comedy, sentiment and action in this Prajwal Devaraj and Pranitha starring film.

Love is eternal and it is told in different style and fashion by passionate makers. This is what we have done with customs and traditions on one side say Angaraka director Satish Kaushik. It takes off from a village. With superstitious belief on the one hand the minute things plus love is depicted. Director Srinivas Kaushik touching up on ‘Adwaitha’ philosophy points to living the life given fully without bother of superstition.

The protagonist Prajwal Devaraj comes from city to village and village belle Pranitha is the attraction for him. Prajwal addressing the media on the eve of release says he has different costumes and get up and it is very interesting. I have come in customary Dhoti – what I used to see my father actor Deveraj used to wear in a few films he mentioned.

Actor Muni has declared that he wish to do any number of films with this kind of director. With home work he does shooting and preparation is amazing he says.

Hardika Shetty alias Nisha Shetty is second heroine of this film. There is enough of sentiment, comedy, stunts and music in this film ‘Angaraka’. Arjun Janya music is in top order in this film.