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'Antariksham' is original, no Hollywood influence: Sankalp

Friday, December 14, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Antariksham is original, no Hollywood influence: Sankalp

Director Sankalp Reddy awaits the release of 'Antariksham' on December 21.  In this interview, he talks about the idea behind the film, what kind of challenges he faced, working with Varun Tej and the many talented technicians and more.  

Inspired by a news article

This idea struck in my mind three months after 'Ghazi' released.  I got the idea when I read a newspaper article.  I can't reveal what the article is about.  If I say that, the story would be revealed.   I did think of making a mythological.  But when I read the newspaper article, I changed my mind.  

No Hollywood influence

Contrary to what many are saying, the film has no similarities with the likes of 'Gravity' and 'Interstellar'.  None of those Hollywood movies has inspired me.  

Given time and budget constraints, and the number of technicians who work, it's not possible for an Indian movie to match Hollywoodish standards.  

We shot it quite fast

The story is based on a certain event.  The entire project has been completed in 8.5 days.  The shooting days were 70 in number.  Out of them, shooting in zero gravity conditions took place for 40 days.  The budget was high, although the days in which it was completed is relatively less.  Had I taken a year more, I would have made a much better product.  But given the limitations, I can't do that.  

Research was intense

I researched NASA websites, live videos uploaded by scientific organizations, etc.  I have met many scientists.  It's not a cent per cent scientific movie.  Even 'Ghazi' lacked logic here and there.  If I don't take any cinematic liberty, it would become a documentary.  When the audience gets involved in the cinema, they won't mind logic.  Only if they are bored do they think about logic and all.  

Choice was instinctive

My instinct told me that Varun Tej should be cast for the lead role.  I showed him a photo and told him 12 sentences.  Three months later, I narrated the entire story.  

Risk was there

The actors faced a lot of challenges owing to the risk involved in shooting in gravity conditions.  Krish garu supported at the scripting stage.  Finally, he left things to me.  

Love story has a purpose

The run time is 140 minutes.  The love story is not a deflection in the movie.  It's part of characterization.  Varun Tej's character's personal life is shown to bring out his inner personality.   

I enjoy non-production works more

More than shooting, I am more excited about pre-production, post-production and such works.  I enjoy the process of developing a storyboard, editing, etc.  My films are the kind which nobody would like to make if I don't have a test shoot. 'Ghazi' had that.  For 'Antariksham', I didn't have to do that.  

Technical department

I roped in Ramakrishna and Monica after watching 'Rangasthalam'.  I explained the story to them and they were excited to be on board.  The sound mixing is top notch.  The editing and the RR are awesome.  We are very happy with the output.  

Future plans

I already have got two Bollywood offers.  If I take up a project there, it will take 2 years for me to complete one film.  If I think it's too much of time, I will do Telugu.  I might do 'Antariksham-2'.  I won't bid bye to Telugu.  My Hindi stint will be a temporary thing.  I don't want to repeat ideas in my career.  I will do Netflix and such things only when I don't get opportunities to do feature films.  There will come a day when home theatre will be a big thing in India.  So, there will be a lot of platforms that are to be explored.  

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