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Aparichit Preview

Aparichit Peview
Vikram, Sada, Prakash Raj, Nedumudi Venu
Harris Jayaraj


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments


That's the STRANGER for you - APARICHIT!

Dubbed version of Shankar directed superhit 'Anniyan' that released in Tamil last year, 'Aparichit' is a film that aims at telling the story about a man who acts as a vigilante of society and wants to punish those who are wrong and change the world - SINGLE HANDEDLY. So what if he has been told all this while that one single person cannot bring around a change? Coming in wake of the super success of 'Rang De Basanti' that too dealt with a social subject, 'Aparichit' is an action-thriller starring South superstar Vikram in the lead role.

Vikram plays a true-to-the-books lawyer who believes in doing everything te right way. His way of functioning doesn't always get him the right results and also brings him humiliation at number of instances, but an idealistic in him doesn't bow down to pressure and hopes that things would turn right one fine day!

Until one day his life takes a turn.......

He comes across a website that details out inspiring lines from Hindu 'puranas' (Garudapuranam). There are lessons of wisdom in the 'purana' as he starts relating to the teachings that state that those who sin are destined to be punished!

And now the 'punisher' in him wakes up as a different side of his personality is revealed!

A SUPERHERO emerges who knows how to get the right results. Unlike the lawyer in him, it's the superhero that takes over and decides that from here on every person who does anything wrong to the society will not go unpunished! Be it conmen, robbers, corrupt officers, killers - none of them are spared the wrath of the other side of this man who is possessed by 'Multiple Personality Disorder'!

But was this all? Becuase there was more to come as the third face of Vikram emerges in the form of REMO - a stylish model who dresses to kill, has a body language with an attitude and can get any girl week on her knees with her romantic antics! So much that Nandini [Sadha], a girl who didn't really care about him in his original personality now falls heads over heel in love with Remo - the model!

Lawyer, hero and a superstar - with multiple roles like this; it was always meant to be a complex affair!

As the vigilant in Vikram goes on to punish the sinners, the news of crime reaches the ears of the super cop [Prakash Raj]. He gets on a trail and ultimately points his finger upon one man - THE LAWYER!

Distraught, the lawyer in Vikram doesn't know what has hit him until he sees his own self committing all the crimes after being caught on the camera! He agrees to be sent to the prison but there is still a hitch - Law doesn't allow a victim of 'Multiple Personality Disorder' to be punished for a crime. He is admitted to a mental asylum for treatment.....

But would the HERO and MODEL in him allow everything to continue so easily......

An entertainer that rocked South India when released, the film comes from Shankar who has given numerous hits like 'Humse Hai Muqabla', 'Hindustani' and 'Nayak' in the past. Coming soon this month, 'Aparichit' is a multi crore extravaganza that also stars Yana Gupta in a sizzling dance appearance for the song 'Remo' while Harris Jayaraj [Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein] composes.

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