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Apartment Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, April 23, 2010 • Hindi ]
Apartment Review
Rohit Roy, Tanushree Datta, Neetu Chandra, Anupam Kher
Jagmohan Mundhra
Bappi Lahiri

What is it all about? 

If anyone loves a trend, its Bollywood. Jag Mundra makes a futile attempt in chasing hard on a pack that started by early 90s smashes such as `Basic Instinct', which gave birth to `Single White Female', which later on gets adopted in `Apartment'.

The Story....of course 

Tanushree Dutta is an airhostess living in with her boyfriend Rohit Roy. They share a nice apartment and are befriended by their elderly neighbour Anupam Kher, a struggling poet and lyricist. 

Tanushree is possessive and has issues with trust. When she mistakenly suspects her boyfriend to be unfaithful, she throws him out of the house, but soon realizes she can't afford the payment on the apartment on her own. On the advice of a fellow airhostess, she advertises for a tenant to share her apartment. 

Enter Neetu Chandra, a modest small-town girl asking for accommodation. Very impressed by her simplicity and respectfulness, Tanushree believes she has found a perfect tenant. The two girls soon become close - their camaraderie leads them to even become companions. Until things begin to go disastrously wrong. 

What to look out for?

Neetu tries hard to make us sit through her effective eyes and striking figure in whatever way she can as Tanushree gives her ample support while Ronit Roy looks on and Anupam Kher does the routine.

Technical aspects are stylish and production values are excellent  

What Not?

If you asked for changes made in the Bollywood version of `Single White Female' then here is the list 

Its shamelessly shies away from the Hitchcockian peril that captured the auds and inspired those Hollywood flicks.  

The actors have nothing innovative to do as the helmer himself is lost of ideas as he tries those tried and tested things in order to provide thrills. 

No thrill, no mystery and no sex then what is it suppose to be. 

Director Jag Mundra losses it completely as he doesn't know what to do. The movie travels on undefined zone and when the psycho Neetu Chandra gets into the psycho mode its turns out to be unintentionally funny.

The writing is so poor by the helmer Jagmohan Mundhra and his partner Syed Gulrez that it neither establishes the character of Neetu neither does it care to establish any bonding between the two making the audience care a damn when Neetu goes wild.

Conclusion: With obvious flaws and its unfaithfulness to the genre, Mundra's `Apartment' is a sad joke on slasher/psycho thrillers even worse, the movie ends giving the hint of a sequel. 

Rating *

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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