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Arakshaka Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, January 27, 2012 • Kannada ]
Arakshaka Review
Upendra, Sada, Ragini, Seetha, Sayyaji Shindhe
P Vasu
Krishna Prajwal

The master craftsman in direction P Vasu with actor director Upendra joining him in 'Arakshaka' has given an absorbing screenplay no doubt about it. For the average brains this is in excess. The confusion tactics of this remake of Hollywood cinema `Shutter Island' needed some sharp editing. Going backwards and coming forward with the character of Upendra (Arun in the cinema) at places becomes tedious.

Other than that 'Arakshaka' has no complaints at all. It is a wonderful package of a commercial flick. The dexterous P Vasu has not brought in unnecessary characters. He has lived to the expectations with hang over of 'Aptha Mithra and Aptha Rakshaka' in this psychological thriller.

After separation of parents Arunkumar (Upendra) grows with suspicious mother Saraswathi (Seetha) an IAS officer. Sibling of Arunkumar - Vishnu (Upendra) grows with advocate father and becomes a doctor.

The suspicion and mistake what Saraswathi had done in her life cast a wrong shadow on her son Arun Kumar an aspirant cop. Before Arun Kumar becomes a cop he is in love with Katherine (Sada) and after marriage the suspicion fed by Saraswathi leads the life goes helter-skelter.

Arun Kumar as cop comes to mental asylum is in search of Stephen Raj who is no more. It is this Stephen Raj gunned down by Arun Kumar before becoming a cop. From tracing Stephen Raj the mindset of Arun Kumar is that he could find his wife Katherine. As a matter of fact Katherine is also gunned down by Arun Kumar for mistaking her relationship with Stephen Raj. Stephen Raj (Adhi Lokesh) and Katherine (Sada) are in fact brother and sister. The costly mistake from Arun Kumar happens and for that mother Saraswathi is responsible. To escape from Arun Kumar mother of Arun Kumar is pushed from a height in the house. She dies on the spot and that makes Arun Kumar to gun down Stephen Raj and Katherine. After this the blow Arun Kumar gets puts him in 'Psychogenic Amnesia'.

Knowing the suffering of his younger brother Dr Vishnu set up a huge drama to explain the mistakes of his brother Arun Kumar. This part of exercise is lengthy and long drawn out to prove that Arun Kumar is the culprit in triple murder case. The death of Arun Kumar mother is not from his bullet but he is a culprit of two killings in a fit of anger.

In the two Upendra's one Arun Kumar is taken to custody and the other one remains agile at the end winning a new experiment in medical science he tried out.

It is a terrific and chilling performance from Upendra as Arun Kumar. The crude look in the mental asylum, the soft looking Upendra, the rugged youth in various changes Upendra is superb in his work. Sada and the cool as cucumber and as sweet as Chocolate Ragini have given their best. For Ragini the role is quite different from her earlier films. It is not one peppy song I am a party girl.but there is one more song Niddhe Bandilla...that makes the front benchers sleepless from Ragini beautiful presence.

Seetha, Sharan, Sayyaji Shinde, two dogs Subramani and Jacqueline are well placed in the cinema. PHK Doss is the boss of cinematography. Gurukiran in his 75th film music is impressive. Three songs Gurukiran - Thu Nan Makla..Kuch Kuch...Nidhre Bandilla are lovely indeed.

Super star Upendra stalwart director P Vasu who has given Aptha Mithra and Aptha Rakshaka could watch this film. On the medical history supporting the director P Vasu in films could give him a doctorate in later stages.

It is worth your money!

Score - 7/10 

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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