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Arpudha Theevu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, April 16, 2007 • Tamil ]
Arpudha Theevu Review
Prithviraj, Mallika Kapoor, Manivannan, Karunas, Vaiyapuri, Jagadish
T. Gopalakrishnan, M.A. Vetrivel
Arputhath Theevu

Director Vinayan deserves all credit to have come out with a travelogue-based adventure film in Arpudha Theevu. Providing a visual treat for the film-buffs, Vinayan has given a right entertainment for children this summer vacation.

Based on the famous Gulliver's travel, Arpudha Theevu features handsome Prithviraj and Mallika Kapoor in the prominent roles besides 300 dwarfs all through the movie.

The movie occurs in Vamanapuri, an island where men are short and women are of normal size as a result of a curse. The story then moves forward as six personnel of the Indian Navy swim to the shores of this island when their helicopter crashes. Two of them are immediately killed by the dwarfs because they see any man of normal height as a demon that will lure their women and wealth away.

Prithviraj, one among them, struggle hard to save themselves from the wrath of these Lilliputians. Meanwhile, the Princess of the land Mallika Kapoor falls in love with Prithviraj. With already attempts are being made by Pakhru (a native of the land) to marry Mallika, the rest of the story forms on how Prithviraj saves the island people from their enemies and tie knot with his lady love.

It is the kind of story what old women tell their grandchildren. Prithviraj hogs all the limelight playing the lead role with ease. He is at his best fighting the dwarfs, romancing the prince and has handled humor too well. If Mozhi brought him limelight, Arpudha Theevu would help him consolidate his place in the industry.

Phakru, who plays prince Gajendran, is the real star and carries the film on his tiny shoulders.  Mallika Kapoor fit the bill well. Manivannan, Karunaas, Vaiyapuri and Kalpana ably support them.

Malavika appears for an item number.

Art by Saloo George is good. The cinematography by Shaji is worth mentioning. Shrewd Vinayan has partially dubbed the blockbuster Albhutha Dweep (Malayalam movie) and shot a few portions in Tamil.

A perfect treat for children this summer holidays.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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