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Arya-2 Review

Arya-2 Review
Aditya Arts
Allu Arjun, Navdeep, Kajal Agarwal and others
V. Aditya Babu & Bhogavalli Prasad


IndiaGlitz [Friday, November 27, 2009 • Telugu] Comments

Many years after Arya won our admiration for his unique definition and understanding of love, he is back as a psychologically unsound character with his own dilemmas and quirky habits in life.  With highs and lows of his character, Arya-2 (though not in any way a second edition of that mature predecessor) is, nevertheless, both interesting and sympathetic.  Kudos to director Sukumar for penning a totally hatke character.  Though comparisons with the first part are invariable as one watches the movie, especially because of the triangular element involved, it proves totally unwise to make such juxtaposition for two reasons - one Arya has a different personality here, and two, Sukumar does not centre his film on love but on the peculiar nature of his awesome protagonist.
Arya (Allu Arjun) is an orphan who is behaviourally sick in that he is consumed with possessiveness for his friend Ajay (Navadeep).  Though the latter never accepts him, Arya still thinks Ajay is his everything in life.  So, when some thugs scuffle with his beloved dost, he beats them black and blue.  Arya insists that he lives with Ajay (they separated in childhood when the latter was adopted by a rich couple.  Now he has grown into a software baron), and the latter reluctantly inducts him in his company.  However, for Ajay, Arya is the biggest nuisance in his life; he short of consulting a psychologist to cope with or get rid of a sickly possessive friend.  On his part, to score some brownie points with everyone, Arya has to pretend to be a Mr. Perfect.
The film is quite tortuous from here on.  Allu Arjun has less words to speak, while Kajal tries to take the show froward on her puny shoulders all through the first half.  Good amount of screen time is wasted in helping Geetha (Kajal Agarwal) prove Arya's true colours.  Meanwhile, you have the soft lover boy Arya of the yore turn into 'Aparichitudu' emaciating Geetha's eve-teasers rather gorily (what is the need?).  You will ask for a break from the nonsense.
The film is saved by an exciting second half.  Though here too, as the theatre of action shifts to Kurnool from the swanky software streets, the film threatens to border on the illogical, it takes an upturn with interesting screenplay.  Arya's nature may initially confuse you a bit, but it doesn't matter.  We sympathise with the character when Geetha tells Ajay that both of them are his weakness (Arya mana madhyana naligipothunnadu).

Sukumar must be appreciated for bringing out as many humorous situations as possible when two male lovers and a female lover are on the trail, successfully in two films.  He has a clear vision about Arya's character.  The only problem is that we should not be tempted to make any correlation with the first version.
Arya-2's greatest asset is the riveting second half.  It's biggest drawback is the slowness Arjun's character takes to grow on us.  If it's intelligence and humour in the second half make it enjoyable, the drabness, tacky comedy (even Brahmanandam is a super-failure here) and excruciating scenes make it unwatchable in the first half.   Performance-wise, full marks go to Arjun who gets into the skin of the character in the latter half of the film; his dance moves are incredible.  Navadeep looks charming and puts up a good show as a frustrated friend.  Kajal doesn't make an impact.  Ajay as Subbu Reddy is good.  He has a domineering presence and also good comic timing.  Shraddha Das has no opportunity to to display her talent.
As already said, the film has too many flaws in the first half.  Brahmanadam's (as Dasavatharam) comedy track is boring.  In fact, at many points the film seems ridiculous.  Thankfully, everything is undone by the second 80 minutes, which you will want to watch again and again.

Released On :  27th November, 2009

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