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Aryan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 2, 2014 • Kannada ]
Aryan Review
Dream Weaver Entertainment
Shivarajakumar, Ramya, Raghu Mukerjee, Archana Gupta, Sharat Babu, Vinayaprasad, Bullet Prakash, Rekha Das and others.
D Rajendra Babu and Chi Gurudut
Druva Das and D Kamar
Jassie Gift

Veteran director D Rajendra Babu last before death ‘Aryan’ is a mix of entertainment values for young and old in it. The deep concern of father, the significance of love, happiness in sacrifice and great respect for master one could see in this ‘Aryan’ attempted for family audience.

The name of late D Rajendra Babu is the big catch for this film and in addition to it Dr Shivarajakumar and Ramya presence lifted the film at the making stage. When the audiences come to theatre the ‘Paisa Vasool’ elements are not missed out by director D Rajendra Babu. Although Chi Gurudut has given final touches in the direction the main concept is well guarded and presented well in post production work.

Kichcha Sudeep gives introduction only on D Rajendra Babu and it is a big salutation for legendary director. At the last shot of the film with making on one side and technicians list D Rajendra Babu sitting on a chair touches the hearts.

Aryan (Dr Shivarajakumar) in Singapore as coach for Surendra Patil Academy that is heading at the international level in athletics faces the shock when he knows that Shwetha (Ramya) is husband of Surendra Patil. As the flash back opens we see Aryan and Shwetha as lovers all set for marriage. That is after Shwetha getting her first international medal in 400 meters track race. Things do not go according to the calculations. The first place for Shwetha is snatched as she is proved positive in dope test.

Aryan is forced to believe on this dope test. Shwetha irritated with the situation walks out with a misconception on Aryan.

Back in Singapore Surendra Patil and Shwetha with a child from the first marriage of Patil everything is not in right order.  For Aryan it is quixotic situation when Patil explains on his four long year of life with Shwetha is just friendship. What happens in the life of Surendra Patil (Raghu Mukerjee), whether Shwetha participated in SAF games to regain lost glory, Aryan gives life to Shwetha again? You have to know answers for all these in the theatre.

‘Aryan’ is a decent watch for the family audience. Dr Shivarajakumar picking a role according to his age has done a fine job in dance, delivery of dialogues, emotions, action and his liveliness is exhilarating. Ramya on the other hand is another screen stealer. She looks so fit for cinema field and her glam looks is impeccable.

Raghu Mukerjee as ‘Boss’ of Academy is pretty good in his role. Sharat Babu as father, Sumithramma as mother of Aryan are competent. Bullet Prakash comedy is a little strain. Archana Gupta heroine in Kannada films in a paltry role deserved better role.

Jassie Gift has lent lovely tunes in this film. A song sung by Puneeth Rajakumar is a racy duet that focus on the images of Dr Shivarajakumar and Ramya. Ondu Hadu Teli Banthu….is very melodious.

‘Aryan’ 118 minutes and 30 seconds cinema is worth watching once.

Score – 7/10




Rating: 0 / 5.0

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