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As MAA lifts ban, RGV eulogizes Sri Reddy

Thursday, April 12, 2018 • Telugu Comments

As MAA lifts ban, RGV eulogizes Sri Reddy

Ram Gopal Varma has only superlative praises for Sri Reddy as the MAA lifts ban on her.  "Casting couch existed ever since the advent of cinema a 100 years back ..Not getting into individual allegations Sri Reddy has drawn more attention to the evils of Casting Couch than anyone in the last 100 years and I salute her for that," he says.  

He lauds her for her fight.  "Those who thought Sri Reddy was wrong in stripping can’t deny, it's only that shock which woke up both national and international communities..  Sri Reddy’s mother should be proud of what her daughter achieved for film industry in general and aspiring actresses in particular," RGV adds.  

"Her courageousness to strip to get attention towards the casting couch exploitation managed to raise the attention of NHRC and this is an amazing achievement.  To historically compare the victory of hers.  Jhansi Lakshmi Bai used her sword as a weapon to fight for her kingdom and Sri Lakshmi Bai used her own body as a weapon to fight the Maledom in the film industry," RGV opines, true to his style.  

"I respect her for taking such immensely courageous decisions and I salute you for achieving such a sensational and BLOCKBUSTER ViCTORY," RGV signs off.