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Astronaut uses thumb finger to block hole in International Space Station!

Saturday, September 1, 2018 • Tamil Comments

After reading this news, you may not look at your thumbs casually once again. Why are we talking about thumbs? An astronaut who had undergone rigorous training for years and scientific study used one of his thumbs to block the hole in the International Space Station. 

So when the ISS sounded alarm of a leak, astronauts rushed to space and had to use his thumb. However, later the smart men moved to the next best solution there is: duct tape. No, we aren’t kidding.  Even though the hole didn't look particularly dangerous, it’s a known fact that the insides of a space vehicle will be filled with air and oxygen pressure and any leak into the environment must be dealt with immediately.

Reportedly, the hole had appeared owing to a small meteorite colliding into the walls of the space station, nothing serious. Natural debris like this or even man-made airspace junk leads to such issues. Last year, the astronauts even went so far as to create a debris sensor to avert such situations.