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Audiences will tell if I acted nude or not : Tejaswi Madivada

Sunday, July 6, 2014 • Telugu Comments
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"There are many specialties in the film, 'Ice Cream' like flowcam technology. But I can't understand why only the nude scene became an issue. I've never got so many calls as I did got after the press note about the nude scene was released", says Tejaswi Madivada.

In an exclusive interview to, this bubbly actress has shared a few things about the film, her role in it, about working with Ram Gopal Varma and Navdeep, about the issue the press meet about the nude scene has created etc.

Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Never thought

I never thought I will become an actress. I've been very interested in dance from my childhood and I used to teach dance to some students. It is when I got the acting chance. I grabbed the chance and my first film, SVSC garnered me good name. I have signed for the film, 'Lovers' and it was when someone said RGV is asking me for a role. I thought it is a rumour. But when he asked me to act in '12' as Vishnu's wife and I felt very happy then. He praised me as a natural actress and he wanted me to act in a full length role in his direction. It has been like a dream for me to act in 'Ice Cream' and I couldn't believe it even now that I acted in this movie.

Great experience

Working with Ram Gopal Varma is a great experience. He is such a wonderful director and no other director gives freedom to the actors like him. He just asks us to behave naturally and never asks us to act. I want to act in many more films in his direction.

Very different

Ice Cream is a very different horror thriller. Something unusual and super natural happens to two persons in a house and I am sure that those scenes will definitely scare the audiences.

Can't understand it

I can't understand why the nude scene in the film has become an issue and everyone is talking about it. There are many specialties in the film and I don't know why it has become a point of interest of everyone. I've never got so many calls as I did got after the press note about the nude scene was released and my relatives and family members were worried. I don't want to tell I didn't act nude. It is a scene where I have to become nude and go to shower. I couldn't have acted nude in front of everyone. The cameras are fixed in the room are everyone are out. I acted in the scene and switched off the camera. it is like any other scene for me It is a very tricky shot. and audiences will tell if I really acted nude or not after watching the film.

He will prove it

Working with Navdeep is a very good experience. He is a very senior to me in acting. He is very down to earth and I never felt it like working with a big actor. He is one of the those actors, who has the potential to prove himself even if he has been facing some failures in the recent past. I am sure he will prove himself once again.

My head was almost broken

Half of the film, I was running and I even hurt myself in some of the scenes. In a scene, where Navdeep catches me and we have to roll on the floor, my head almost broke. But I have to continue acting bearing pain. In another scene, I fell from the stairs and my leg was hurt. I have to cover the wound with makeup as the continuity will be missed if there is a band aid on it.

I've to prove it

Though I have never planned acting, as of now I have become an actress, I will dedicate myself to this profession. I have to prove that not only Mumbai actresses, even Telugu girls will be successful in the industry.

Upcoming films

I have acted in the film, '12' opposite Vishnu and I am also acting in Omkar's brother's film, 'Urvasivo Rakshasivo'. I have also signed a Tamil film. The details will be disclosed soon.

Tejaswi concluded that the audiences will definitely have a very new experience watching the film, 'Ice Cream' and asked them to watch the movie in the theatres.

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