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Bambharakannaley Music Review

Bambharakannaley Music Review
Srikanth, Arthi Agrawal, Namitha
Parthe Bhaskar
Srikanth Deva
Bambara Kannalae
A heavy blast
Tuesday, October 4, 2005 • Tamil Comments

Starring Srikanth in the lead role, Pambara Kannalae is a full-length comedy film featuring Namitha and Tollywood actress Arthi Agarwal in the lead role.

Comedy films usually have very little scope for good music (most songs would be situational). In that sense, Srikanth Deva has his task cut out.

The album has six numbers, all of them being predominantly racy numbers.

The highlight of the album is an assorted collection of yesteryear hit numbers fused together and retuned by Srikanth Deva.

En Kadhalum

Srikanth Deva goes for the top right at the start. He begins with a typical 'dappanguthu' number with Mukesh rendering it with a local and an earthy feel. In between, Reshmi chips in with soft melodious stuff. Quite like his dad, Srikanth Deva rocks with 'tharai' and 'thappatai'. Slightly heavy in terms of orchestration, but this is a mass number and hence all guns have to blaze.

Chottu Chotta

This is a fast Westernized number rendered with grace and elegance by Sunitha Sarathy. But the tune is not the most original in the world. The peppy beats and Sunitha's dulcet softness redeem the song.

Omm Muruga

Srinivas has a certain magic in his voice. His strength is soft numbers. This one however is not. And though Srinivas is in his elements, the essential structure of the song does not fit him. But to his credit, Srinivas tries hard. Seemingly an inspiration of a popular Hindi number, the orchestration is again full blast.


More in the form of antakshari, the song is an assorted mix of various popular hit numbers of yesteryear retuned and put together. Srikanth Deva has carefully picked racy and fast numbers and succeeds in leaving an impression with the song.Certainly a song to rock the audience, who yearn for racy stuff.

Krukku Pettai

With Shankar Mahadevan around, one can certainly expect an enthusiastic and a fast stuff. He precisely does this in this number and doesn't leave his fans disappointed this time too.  A mass number showering praises on the hero, Srikanth Deva has used all percussion instruments possible here. But Shankar has to realize that he is being type cast in Tamil songs. He is too talented to be wasted in inane mass numbers.

Pambara Kannalae

It's the turn of Udit Narayan and Sadhana Sargam, both softie specialists, to go for the jugular in another mass number. Don't know why Srikanth Deva has to subject such singers to such numbers. There are specialists for such songs nah? To compound, the song seems to be inspiration of a popular number from the movie Dhool. Udit Narayan's abundant energy does impress the listeners. But Sadhana Sargam has nothing much to do.

And the verdict is: Srikanth Deva has to change tack.