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Bejawada Music Review

Bejawada Music Review
Shreya Productions
Naga Chaitanya, Amala Paul and Prabhu
Vivek Krishna
Ramgopal Varma and Kiran Kumar Koneru
Amar Mohle, Pradeep Koneru and Prem
Affected RGV tosh
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, November 9, 2011 • తెలుగు] Comments

When it comes to albums from the Factory, they are of RGV and for RGV (because, if you don't like the songs/film, Varma sir is always there to tell you that he makes them for himself).  Bejawada' five music directors act as ideological disciples of the producer.  Vikram Negi, Bapitutul, Amar Mohile, Pradeep Koneru, Prem belt out predictable music here.

Sira Sri, Rehman (lyrics) do not have much to tell you, but they manage the story well

Durgamma Krishnamma    Listen here

Artist: Jo Jo Nathaniel
Lyricist: Rehman

Vikram Negi's reminds you of Sarkar and Raktha Chritra numbers (especially the theme song of the former).  The song is a tribute to Bezawada and describes the character of the city that is protected by the divine, but where humans bay for each other's blood.  Jo Jo's husky voice leads to a confusion as to whether it was sung by DSP.  Lyrics by Rehman are simple.

Adagaku Nannemi    Listen here

Artists: Javed Ali, Chandreyee Battacharya
Lyricist: Kaluva Sai

There are slow songs; then there are slower than the slowest songs.  Bapitutul here seems to be trying to give a break for the audience from the racy and boisterous proceedings (in the film).  Kaluva Sai's romanticism has that ordinariness about it.

Ninnu Choosina   Listen here

Artists: Javed Ali, Swetha Pandit
Lyricist: Sira Sri

The song (by Amar Mohile) begins like a grand AR Rehman musical.  The high notes and the nuances are fine.  The intense feel, lent by the acoustics and careful instrumentation, are spoiled to an extent by the elaborate `oooo-ing.'

Konte Choopulu   Listen here

Artists: Hemachandra, Geetha Madhuri
Lyricist: Rehman

Pradeep Koneru could be tuning a song for a Sreenu Vytla film.  The song's mood is celebratory and is good to the extent that it is peppy and hummable.  The singers are at their usual best.  However, the tune is not untraceable to a popular number.

Rammu Ginnu   Listen here

Artist: Deepthichary
Lyricist: Sira Sri

Pradeep Koneru's item song is just about okay.  Though he doesn't offer anything new in this `punch drunk' song, Deepthichary's voice is the saving grace.  Sira Sri mixes a lot of alcohol-related vocabulary.

Aigiri Nandini   Listen here

Artist: Ravi Shankar
Lyricisit: Sri Adi Shankaracharya

With due respect to Amar Mohile's attempt to re-interpret the iconic Aigiri Nandini song for a violent film, one would want to ask where was the need to thoroughly RGV-ise the pious song beyond recognition?  The musical interludes could have been done away with and the lyrics given significance.

Beza Beza   Listen here

Artist: Jo Jo Nathaniel
Lyricist: Sira Sri

Amar Mohile draws from, again, Raktha Charitra.  The lyrics are calling upon the Bejawadans to fight the menace of rowdyism.  However, listening to the song, you will think that they are being chased out of Bejawada.  Sira Sri could have escaped even if he wrote rhymes instead of lyrics because the music would not have made us notice it anyway!  Forgive us.

Le Legara   Listen here

Artist: Srikanth
Lyricist: Chaitanya Prasad

It could be devil singing about the plight of victims in a horror movie.  Some minutes later, it sounds like a Dasari tragedy.  Music by Prem serves no other purpose than reminding you one more time that albums of RGV films are sickeningly repetitious.

Bejawada Theme   Listen here

Music: Prem

The sound works just right.  Prem's short theme music is gripping.  Never mind the Varma signature.