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Belli Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, November 1, 2014 • Kannada ]
Belli Review
Dr Shivarajakumar, Kriti Karbanda, Vinod Prabhakar, Deepak, Prashanth, Venkatesh Prasad, Adi Lokesh, Padma Vasanthi, BV Radha, Srinivasamurthy, Ramesh Bhat, Nagaraj, Harish Rai, Loki, Ninasam Manju, Bhasker, Aravind, Surya, and others.
Mussanje Mahesh
Rajesh HR
V Sridhar Sambram

For the two and half decade career of Dr Shivarajakumar the expectation is obvious. Something new and different is the lookout. The film ‘Belli’ falls flat. Rewriting from a few other films director Mussanje Mahesh has not left any ‘Silver Line’ (Belli means Silver – the hero is called Belli because he eats in a silver plate).

What makes Dr Shivarajakumar to accept this kind of film one wonders! A portion of the film is picked from his ‘Jogi’, a few other scenes from ‘Gajani’ – short time memory loss and action in the process and illogically the severely hurt nervous system of the protagonist recoup from a speech. Dr Shivarajakumar is a powerful performer. There is no doubt about it. The director is not aware of precise use of his caliber. In the process the film ‘Belli’ is a tragic and action filled cinema.

The cruelty to ‘Belli’ in the action scene is very brutal. It is impossible to imagine he is back. The larger than life angle of the director lack logic here. On head, shoulder and knees ‘Belli’ is beaten badly from heavy iron made instruments. The doctor says it is impossible to gain memory and he is right according to his books of medicine. Yet the director gives life for the protagonist. It is senseless.

A gang of five – like five men army comes from MM hills to Bangalore seeking job. They are working under a don. When the don is finished the gang of five rules the underworld dynasty. The opponent gang takes revenge on ‘Belli’ head of the gang. That is a brutal attack.

Belli loses his memory and becomes lunatic. He is in different shape and size now. Whenever his head dash against anything he sees the criminals in front of his eyes. He takes revenge and goes back to mental problem again. After three such incidents, ‘Belli’ hears the speech of his former fiancé an IAS officer Sneha. He regains memory.  Cop brother of Sneha IAS officer urge ‘Belli’ to appear before his sister once for her satisfaction. ‘Belli’ obliges. He walks out in pathetic style.

It is a difficult role that Dr Shivarajakumar managed it so well. Action, dance and emotions are good in his performance. Kriti Karbanda looks very charming. Sudharani as interviewer of ‘Belli’ associates is convincing. Vinod Prabhakar, Prashanth, Deepak and Venkatesh Prasad extended good support. Padmavasanthi as ill fated mother reminds ‘Jogi’ mother Arundhati Nag.

Sridhar Sambram has given one beautiful melody, one racy song on Male Mahadeshwara, KS Chandrasekhar cinematography is not that effective.

Score - 5/10




Rating: 0 / 5.0

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