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Best Actors Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, August 28, 2015 • Telugu ]
Best Actors Review
Nandu, Madhu Nandan, Kesha Khambhati, Bhargavi, Madhurima, Sapthagiri, Thagubothu Ramesh
Arun Pawar
Kumar AnnamReddy
Best Actors

Best Actors Movie Review

'Best Actors' is a film without a preachy tone and one that portrays male bonding in a fashion less seen in Telugu films.  For its exterior, the story is a bit ordinary while the comic doses are presented by the usual suspects.  It is not Sapthagiri (despite his doubles entendres) and Tagubothu Ramesh (despite the parodying of Mega Star Chiranjeevi in a rare moment on Telugu screen of late) who present the most striking jovial portions, but the male leads who with their light-veined banter and bonhomie showcase the best of the portions.

Actor Tarun begins narrating the lives of four men who are supposedly actors in their daily lives and by the end of the film, one wonders if the director could have done something to make the audience understand the rationale behind the title.  After the crux is delivered, the climax presents the retrospect in a comic fashion, with Tagubothu Ramesh and Sapthagiri’s services chipped in, complete with references to the average audience and mocking at the on-screen fate of Ramesh and Madhunandhan.

One is disappointed that he hasn’t been promoted to the position of Assistant Manager despite his best efforts, a second is irked that his father has plans to get him tie the knot, a third, a TV show producer-director, is despaired that his sincere love hasn’t been reciprocated by his anchor, and the fourth one is a wannabe new-age director stuck in an industry peopled by dumb producers.  These are best buddies and to be back in their elements, they all plan a trip to Goa.

Nandu (of '365 days' fame), Madhu, Naveed and a fourth one are separated by their temperaments.  The first one is a philanderer who doesn't value a relationship born of love, the second one is frustrated that he has failed to win over a position and his sweetheart, the third is loyal and pure-minded, the fourth is creative enough to manufacture punch lines by dime a dozen so the first two can afford to indulge in luxurious flirting with Madhurima and Bhargavi in Goa.

Nandu and Madhu end up wooing the two women and in their attempt they may have done a blunder that could cost the life of one of them.

At the interval bang, the film takes a serious turn.  After Uttej’s entry, the mood is one, after his exit, it is another.  As the film throws up its different streaks, the audience keeps wondering if it is going to be a crime thriller or something else..

All doubts are put to rest after a raft of scenes involving Madhu’s terrified behavior, Sapthagiri’s characteristic experiment with language (it is Telugu but one understands his dialogues in toto with much difficulty, as usual), and the film’s eventual foray into the recent life of one of the characters.

While the story itself is not novel, the film has takeaways in terms of performances.  There is no trace of unnecessary over-acting and the demeanor of all the lead players is measured and authentic for their backgrounds.  For a title of this sort and for the background of the characters, there is no liberal sprinkling of English words.  What is more, there is a whole scene where two characters vie with each other to reel out a poem peppered with English words.

Shamili Agarwal is the one to be watched out for.  She is convincing in the role of an innocent-looking, love-seeking girl.

JB's music and the lyrics work in a situational context.  Good cinematography.

At 115 minutes, the film is alright as far as its length is concerned.

Verdict: A humble attempt that comes with decent performances and some sparks in the form of dialogues.

Telugu Version Review

Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

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