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Best Netflix Shows to Catch this June

Wednesday, June 19, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Are you worried about what to watch this June? Don’t bother, Netflix has got it all. Check out 10 shows that will keep you going on the days India doesn’t have a cricket match. 

When They See Us - Based on the true story of ‘The Central Park Five,’ Netflix presents to you a crime suspense drama in which 5 Black teenagers are possible suspects in a rape case in Central Park. The police will go to any extent to convict them. What if the story they told you was a lie? The lives of the teenagers and that of their families are on hold. Will the truth help them get freedom or will it ensure their incarceration? 

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction Season 2 - Hosted by David Letterman, this season will see interviews of celebrities rapper Kanye West, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, actress Tiffany Haddish, Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton and philanthropist Melinda Gates. Watch this show to get up close with the stars. 

Killer Ratings - Another true story by Netflix, ‘Killer Ratings’ is a crime documentary about Brazilian television presenter Wallace Souza. His popular show ‘Canal Livre’ was supposed to be a means to combat crime. No one could have seen what was coming, that a man would commit murder for TV ratings. The series shows the transformation of a man from a hero to a leader to a criminal in the eyes of people. 

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) - This show based on the premise ‘Nerd today. Boss tomorrow” shows the life of an unpopular teenager who hatches a plan to make it big by selling drugs online. Does he know what he has signed up for though? 

Black Mirror - Back with three new stories this time, ‘Black Mirror’ presents a tale about the extent to which our lives are intertwined with technology and how this impacts us day by day, as we live a life we believe we are in control of. Family life, dreams, and maybe even grip on reality can start becoming a question when one enters this unending abyss termed technology.

The Chef Show - I’m sure research would show that 90% of humans are foodies. So who would say no to a show that has a chef and an actor experimenting with cuisine and techniques of cooking, along with legends in their respective fields? This series starring Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi is likely to not only fill your stomach but also your heart. 

3% - How far would you go for a perfect life? This show is about young people stuck in dystopian misery. To go to ‘Offshore’ which is pretty much utopia, they’ll have to prove they’re the best regardless of all personal characteristics. There begins a story of intense competition, pain, hope, jealousy, and conflict. All to be in the 3% that will make it. 

Jessica Jones Season 3 - Marvel Star Jessica Jones is back. This time a psychopath stands in her way. She and her sister Trish will have to join forces but instead, they may be on a collision course that will change their lives. Will they be able to set their differences apart and team up? Don’t miss this series finale! 

Leila - This Indian drama zeroes in on and presents an exaggerated form of a caste, income, and religion based prison, a totalitarian society. Welcome to Aryavarta, an oppressive regime that separates a woman (Huma Qureshi) from her family. ‘Leila’ shows the journey of a mother in search of her child years after she lost her. She will have to navigate her way through the system coming into contact with cold realities. Will she manage to come out alive?

Dark Season 2 - Put on your seatbelt, it’s time to travel across time. As children disappear from the small town of Winden, a truth begins to emerge. Everything is connected. The mystery is not about yesterday or today, it spans three generations of the town’s families, their dark past, double lives, and dysfunctional relationships. There’s not much time left! Catch the show on Netflix on June 21st.

There you go. That’s a fair bit of choice eh? Looks like the genre that sells these days is a dark, suspense-filled one where the characters are miserable half the time. A little like how life is too, unfortunately. Don’t let it get you down though. Stay tuned, the list of best comedies is on its way. 

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