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Bethenegere Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, October 31, 2015 • Kannada ]
Bethenegere Review
Akshay, Sumanth, Naina, Muniraj, Shobaraj, Avinash, Bullet Prakash, Veena Sunder, Vinod Kambli in guest role.
Mohan Gowda
BN Swamy
Rajesh Ramanath

 Title - Bethenegere, Producer - BN Swamy, Direction - Mohan Gowda, Music - Rajesh Ramanath, Camera - HC Venu, Cast - Akshay, Sumanth, Naina, Muniraj, Shobaraj, Avinash, Bullet Prakash, Veena Sunder, Vinod Kambli in guest role.

It is not looking ahead. It is looking back in contents. The real life incidents read in newspapers and columns forms the base for `Bethenegere'. The inside of Bethenegere brothers like in any other underworld subject follows the same steps. Do not come to rowdy activities. See what happened to the life of Shiv and Shekar in `Bethenegere' says director Mohan Gowda.

You need to give something special to attract the masses in these days of cinema. That is what missing in this `Bethenegere'. Every sequence is according to audience expectation. The sibling good nature turns ferocious because of circumstances. The level of vengeance increases with interference of politics. The game plan goes unaware for brothers. Shiva is at large but Shekhar is killed in encounter.

Debut director Mohan Gowda has not learnt the art of storytelling He has concentrated more on action. He never bothers to give logic behind the entry of Vinod Kambli ace cricket. In the prison he is in regular outfit. He operates on mobile with two leaders outside. The vengeance in brother is sown by Vinod Kambli. Who is he in the prison? What is his status? There is no answer to such queries. Ace cricketer Kambli is given free hand throwing all norms of cinema making.

Akshay and Sumanth getting a competent role have done their job neatly. There is no scope much for Naina in her debut. Avinash, Shobaraj, Muniraj, Jai Jagadish, Yethiraj and Veena Sunder rendered able support.

Not even one song is worth remembering or foot tapping. Camera work by HC Venu is adequate. The dialogues needed punch. Editing is quite OK of this 120 minutes `Bethenegere'.

Score 5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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