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Bewakoofiyaan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, March 14, 2014 • Hindi ]
Bewakoofiyaan Review
Yash Raj Films
Ayushmann Khurrana, Sonam Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor
Nupur Asthana
Aditya Chopra
Raghu Dixit

What is it all about?

Marred by its own `creative' recession to `hire' any novelty in this unambitiously lightweight rom com YRF's `Bewakoofiyaan' helmed by Nupur Asthana is though jaffraned (peppered) on the basic idea of recession and its impact on love and relationships but as the movie begins and the fictional characters of a Mohit and Myra go, `Bewakoofiyaan' starts suffering from excessive niceness which in turn gets tedious resulting in just a middling rom com that could have being a far better humorous take on recessions, even worse the iconic presence of Rishi Kapoor and the charm of Sonam plus the finesse of Ayushman fail to lift and do little to attract more legs to theatres.

The Story

Talented Habib Faisal this time disappoints as a writer comes with bright idea to churn `recession' and its impact in relation but fails to give any insight, proper structure and identifiable characters like he did in `Do Dooni Chaar' here we have Mohit (Ayushman) a smart seller working for an airline company and Mayera is a mid level financial expert both are happy with each other while Mayera is crazy for shoes Mohit is just happy to be with Maya. Mohit world of flying high in his airline company crash-lands when his company faces the wrath of recession and he turns jobless. Mayera's father V.K. Sehgal(Rishi Kapoor) a top bureaucrat wishes a `settled', `safe' and `rich'  damaad for her daughter how will Mohit handle his joblessness in front of V.K. Sehgal and how Mohit and Mayera comes to term with their relationship post Mohit's financial crises forms the crux of the whole story..

Complete Analysis

Writer Habib Faisal and helmer Nupur Asthana try to do multiple things in the film but fail to `touch' any. Recession, baap beti ka pyaar, paisa aur pyaar and couldn,t get anything stimulating for the audience enough. There are a couple of moments when they get something right like when Sonam gives pocket money to jobless Ayushman and Ayushman not able to bring gift to Sonam on her birthday.. but those moments are rare as most of the time the writer and the helmer are either busy in letting Ayushman impress his to be father- in- law and advertising those corporate banners where Ayushman is looking for a job..

Forget about any statement on recession, the makers fail to add any humour in the episodes of Papa (Rishi Kapoor) testing the `credibility' of his independent working girl's to be husband its falls flat and is indigestible. It's almost impossible to find a top bureaucrat unaware of computers the character of Rishi Kapoor is not balanced the script makes him a caricature and that's most saddening.

The couple Mohit and Myra are not explained to the audience. Myra and Mohit fight over shoes, rock concert and break up but before that Myra is shown helping Mohit financially, she even earns more than Mohit and Mohit is `cool' with it. Myra uses her own credit cards. Mohit is faithful to Myra and he just waiting for the right job to meet his caliber. They love each other that's why the audience believe them to be together then why this shoe sha (issue) rock concert, red lounge movie sacrifice to trigger a break.. hate.

The acting by Sonam, Ayushman is passable. Sad to see Rishi Kapoor being reduced to a caricature. Technicalities are fine. Production values excellent and music is a letdown.

Conclusion: Bewakoofiyaan is a tedious, tired and forgettable affair which at the most can achieve a ho-hum reaction from those audience who are always in good mood.

Rating **

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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