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Bhajarangi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, December 13, 2013 • Kannada ]
Bhajarangi Review
Shivaraj Kumar, Aindrita Ray, Sadhu Kokila, Bullet Prakash, Tabala Naani. Rukmini Vijayakumar, Madhu, Guruswamy, Chetan, KS Sridhar, Girija Lokesh, Shivaramanna, Shruithi, Harini, Anand, Rajakumar and others.
Manjunath and Nataraj Gowda
Arjun Janya


It is one of the brilliant executions of work from young and dashing director Harsha.  It is time for `Harshotsava'! The 105th film of hat trick hero Shivarajakumar is magnificent in the second half and first half the film prepares for the second half big extravaganza. The investment of Manjunath Gowda and Nataraj Gowda has not gone waste on screen. After initial clue on where the film is heading - it is protagonist family, lady love etc for half an hour. Immediately the big surprise catches up on the screen. Before that the two lovely tunes of Arjun Janya treats the audience. When the flash back opens up - who is `Jeevan' the captivating session starts for more than an hour and half.

Harsha script and situations handled with `Black Magic' might remind a few films but the scale and grandeur plus treatment is brilliant in this film. Shivarajakumar absolutely fits into the roles of Jeevan and Bhajarangi. The mesmerizing part is Rukmini Vijayakumar as `Daiva Kanye' plus three villains all fresh actors director Harsha has picked have done complete justice. At some places the villains take over the proceedings.

The maximum of the film is set in the tribal backdrop is about Bhajarangi (Shivarajakumar) doing well for the people and taking the rabble rousers in the black magic. The need for Rakthaksha is Krishne (Rukmini Vijayakumar) and he is controlled in a trunk by Rana the most powerful of the film. The reason why Rana is controlling Rakthaksha is because of the `Vajrayuda' that has the power to win death.

Back from city is Jeevan (Shivarajakumar) who is the actual son of Bhajarangi. He was safeguarded for a long time and he comes with Aindrita Ray. Both are wanted by Rana and Rakthaksha. Jeevan with Hanuman power demolishes the activities of Rana and before that Rakthaksha seeing Daiva Kanye Krishne qualities in Aindrita Ray pays penalty. The Vajrayudha is reduced to ashes and its power is put under the earth.

Shivarajakumar has given chilling performance. This was badly expected for him and he is very apt. The modifications made by Shivarajakumar show his strong caliber. The look of `Bhajarangi' is very absorbing. The six packs abs he has made is used at the right time. With Lord Anjaneya weapon `Gadhe' in hand with fire in his looks taking on Rana in the battle ground is a big whistle for Shivarajakumar.

More than Aindrita Ray, it is Rukmini Vijayakumar who gives a striking performance. Firstly she is sweet looking and more interestingly her ability in dance is top class. Going in the air spreading her legs like wings of bird in Krishne song earns her accolades. In the city portions Aindrita Ray looks very sweet and acted well.

Sridhar has given admirable support. Three villains - all newcomers to big screen is the biggest addition to Kannada cinema industry. Chetan, Madhu Guruswamy and Loki have surprised from this film from their looks and strength in acting. Shivaramanna, Harini, Girija Lokesh, Shruthi (sister of Shivarajakumar) rendered good support.

The music magic of Arjun Janya has counted a lot. The recording, graphic works and costumes selections are in highest standards.

Jai Anand in cinematography has given his best. The top angles, the using of lights, outdoor shooting and pitch dark moments also visible to the eyes very well deserves appreciation for this cameraman.

Harsha had done it well in his fourth direction. His struggle, hard work and sincere approach in giving a film for the people deserve him grand applaud.

Jai Bhajarangi! Go watch this film without fail.

Score - 8/10 



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