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Bharat Stores Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, April 5, 2013 • Kannada ]
Bharat Stores Review
HG Dattatreya, Sudharani, V Manohar


The national award winning best regional cinema (at the 60th National awards) of director P Seshadri `Bharat Stores' with the contemporary concept and its impact is well derived and timely cinema. The impact of globalization and liberalization is dismay to the culture loving emotional country like India. The emphasis is laid on these grounds in `Bharat Stores'.

When all grows in heaps and bounds the oldie protagonist never changes in his style and operation. He does not come under the slogan `Change is Permanent thing in this world'.

`Bharat Stores' on FDI investment in India and how it cuts down the business of petty businessmen is effectively narrated taking only one case of Govinda Shetty in this film. Director P Seshadri who has the habit of winning awards has not provided the impact of the FDI on Indian sub continent in statistics. The case of Govinda Shetty might be the same in other parts of this country but in revealing the danger ahead the director in a hurricane style has ended the emotional part of the film. Govinda Shetty is taken in an ambulance with Bharathi accompanying - it is the final shot of the film. The FDI emergence and when it was passed by the government of India appears on the screen.

The concept and idea is admirable. Bharathi (Sudharani) living in USA for last nine years reached Bangalore with her husband Sharath (Gurudut). Bharathi one point agenda is to fulfill the dream of her father who had taken loan from Govinda Shetty to return.

It was Rs.60000 loan Govinda Shetty had given to Bharathi father and it is Rs.2.5 lakhs after nine years is the amount what Bharathi wants to return Govinda Shetty. Where is Govinda Shetty now? The FDI appears on the scene with such a question posed.

The emergence of mall culture and Big Bazaars swallowed the petty shop owners like Govinda Shetty. The death blow to Govinda Shetty further increases when his son deviates from his outlook and family tussle makes it miserable. Govinda Shetty is in an old age home and he is not responding to anything in the last six months. Bharathi ready to pay Rs.2.5 lakhs to Govinda Shetty finds the atmosphere not conducive to return. She takes Govinda Shetty for medical care in an ambulance and there ends the film.

For the common viewers the questions remains in the mind. Bharathi could have used some other measures to return her money. The director has not given a thought to it.

HG Dattatreya two times national award winning actor and got a special mention for his role of Govinda Shetty is the apt choice. The role of a petty shop owner Dattatreya has made it very easy. When the servant of his shop is invited to his house offered lunch and given one month advance salary to stop coming to the shop - the situation is heart touching. The brilliance of director is also seen in this philosophy he puts before.

Sudharani is a fine choice for the role of Bharathi and so is Gurudut. V Manohar resembling the ordinary local cook changing is well derived.

Mahender Simha cinematography and V Manohar music are very absorbing additions in the film.

Score - 7/10




Rating: 0 / 5.0

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