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Bhoot Unkle Preview

Bhoot Unkle Peview
Jackie Shroff
Mukesh Sehgul
Aneesh Arjun, Krishan Chowdhary
Baba Sehgal

Bhoot Unkle

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

A few years back Jackie Shroff had played the title role in Rakesh Roshan's 'King Uncle'. Now he returns to play the role of an uncle once again, though as a friendly neighborhood ghost, in 'Bhoot Unkle' (our guess is that 'c' being replaced by 'k' in 'uncle' is purely due to numerological reasons!). Presented by Sumeit Sehgul in association with IKON pictures and WAM motion pictures, 'Bhoot Unkle' is produced by Aneesh Arjun Dev and Krishan Choudhary with music by Baba Sehgal.

What happens when you get all the happiness in the world when you are least expecting it?

Ask Shyam, a 12 year old kid, who suddenly found himself in possession of magical powers that enabled him to do the impossible. Narrated through his eyes, 'Bhoot Unkle' is about Shyam's adventures and escapades as he realizes the true meaning of life after years of loneliness, struggle and hardships.

An orphan, he was living a sad life when a fortunate event changed his life forever. On one of his out bounds, he came across a secluded place that didn't have any occupants. Finding himself all alone in this haunted place, he realized that there was a certain mystical feel to this eerie place.

Curious, he came in touch with something extraordinary that changed the meaning of life!

What was it? A friendly ghost a.k.a. BHOOT UNKLE? Or was it something else?

Shyam, along with his friends, now had a task in hand! They realized that the haunted place had much more in it than what met the eye. Moreover there was an eye of the evil that threatened to destroy the entire town, including the haunted place!

What was so special about this place?
Whose evil eye was it that didn't want the town to sleep in peace?
Was it just coincidence that had got Shyam closer to 'Bhoot Unkle'? Or was it the plan of destiny?

Whatever be the case, now began a fun-filled adventure ride of Bhoot Unkle, Shyam and his friends who grouped up to take on the evil!

It was time for good to hit back on evil!
It was time for magical moments!
It was time to have some fun!

Boasting of as much as 25 minutes of special effects, 'Bhoot Unkle' is slated for a release in a few weeks time!

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