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Bigg Boss 4: Is Sohel overdoing anger to look hyper-masculine?

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 • Telugu Comments

Bigg Boss 4: Is Sohel overdoing anger to look hyper-masculine?

Monday's episode of Bigg Boss 4 saw emotions running high. A major highlight of the episode was how Akhil and Abhijeet indulged in a prolonged, no-holds-barred argument. But it was also about Sohel repeatedly appearing to lose cool while arguing with Harika and Abhijeet.

Sohel, who often uses 'Nee yavva' as a badge of honour, defended himself for using cuss words so casually, saying that he has always been used to it. He even told Abhijeet that he doesn't belong to the 'Bro!' batch. Abhijeet gave it back to him when he asked, "Do you use cuss words on a film set as well?" Abhi couldn't have made a better argument to shut Sohel's mouth.

Sohel has started to look artificial, of late. He seems to believe that viewers are in love with his angry outbursts. In a previous episode, he dived into the swimming pool to calm himself down as though he is mercurial the way onscreen gangsters are. The thing is, Sohel is not as angry as he wants the world to think he is. He is overdoing it and that much was evident in Monday's episode.

Whenever Sohel comes out of the house, Boyapati Srinu must offer him a veins-popping role in his next with Balakrishna.

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