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Bigg Boss contestant to file case against Rajith Kumar

Friday, September 25, 2020 • Tamil Comments

Bigg Boss contestant to file case against Rajith Kumar

As you know, Bigg Boss Malayalam season 2 sensation Rajith Kumar was evicted after he rubbed chilli paste on his fellow contestant Reshma's eyes. The incident happened in the month of March while the duo was performing a task appearing as naughty school kids. Reshma who was recovering from conjunctivitis was severely hurt due to Rajith's act.

When the TV channel that conducts the show gave the freedom to Reshma to choose between forgive or evict Rajith from the house, Reshma chose to send him out of the show.

rajah kumar bigg boss

Soon after Rajith was expelled, Reshma too got eliminated and has been facing severe cyber bullying from the former's fans. Though six months have passed by, the intensity of cyber attack against Reshma seems to have no end. As Rajith Kumar still continues to make defensive statements on the controversial incident, Reshma has now decided to register a case against Rajith.

rajith Reshma

Talking in an interview with TOI, Reshma said that she chose to not take action against Rajith despite facing constant abuses from his fans even now. “The video evidence of what he did is there for all to see. Despite suffering so many taunts from his fans over the past few months, I did not take any action. But the fact that he has always tried to justify his actions is unbearable. I cannot take it anymore,” said Reshma.


Reshma also revealed that Rajith's fans have been creating a negative image of her in the movie and TV industry.

Reshma rajan

“My work has suffered because of this incident. His fans have created a negative image of me and the movie and TV industries seem nervous about offering me work. At least I am getting some interest from the Tamil and Telugu industries, which I am hoping will work out. I feel this unfair attack on me will continue for the next four or five years at least, and I need to get justice for myself,” concluded Reshma in the interview with TOI.

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