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This week Bigg Boss elimination- we know who it is!

Bigg Boss season 2 has begun gaining traction over the past few days. And we know very well who got eliminated last week it was Mahat. After Mahat’s elimination the season took for a very emotional turn with family members visiting the house et al. 

But if you’ve been rooting for Daniel, then we’re sorry. This week the contestant to be eliminated from the show is none other than Daniel Annie Pope. That leaves Yaashika, Aishwarya, Janani, Riythvika, Vijayalakshmi, Balaji, Sendrayan and Mumtaj in the show. 

Well, with our perfect track record of breaking the news about contestants to be eliminated every week, you may rest assured that Daniel is going to walk away from the house this time. Stay tuned to us for updates!

Bonus: We even conducted a poll in our social page asking which contestant was most likely to be eliminated? And guess what- you people were right! Check it out below: