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BMS blames GST of destroying small and medium scale industries

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 • Common Comments

Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS), the trade Union wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the head of the Sangh Parivar which reportedly controls the ruling BJP at the Centre, has blamed the imposition of the uniform tax regime Goods & Services Tax (GST) for destroying small and medium scale industries across the country.

Huge turn-out of cadres and workers marked the recent rally organized by the BMS in New Delhi. Speakers at the rally squarely blamed the ruling BJP at the Centre of imposing the GST on the people at will. BMS general secretary Brijesh Upadhyay didn’t mince his words when he addressed the gathering.

“Indian economy doesn’t give one the luxury of measuring all goods and services with the same yardstick. Each industry is different and ought to be viewed in a particular backdrop. Small and medium-scale industries in the country can once again hope to flourish only if the Centre withdrew the GST tax system,” he said categorically.

“Resolving the huge unemployment issue across the country and tackling the slide in economic growth are the needs of the hour. Concessions ought to be given aplenty to small and medium scale industries as well as the agricultural sector,” Upadhyay remarked further.

Political observers point out that BMS’ rally couldn’t have taken place without the approval of RSS which is the ‘head’ of the Sangh Parivar. This only goes to show the dissatisfaction of the RSS about the GST tax regime introduced by the BJP-led Centre w.e.f. the midnight of 30th June last year.

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