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Bombay Mitayi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, May 16, 2015 • Kannada ]
Bombay Mitayi Review
RJ Rohith, Disha Pandey and others.

Title - Bombay Mitayi, Producers - Souda Sharief and Amir Sharief, Direction - Chandramohan, Music - Veera Samarth, Cinematography - RK Shivakumar, Cast - Disha Pandey, Niranjan Deshpande, RJ Rohith, Vikram, Chikkanna, Kishori Ballal, Sunil, Bullet Prakash, Michel Madhu, Moogu Suresh, Nallur Narayan, Baby Bindrusri and others.
This is not as sweet as famous ‘Bombay Mitayi’. At portions it tickles and sends some relief. Over all it is an ordinary stuff transformed in to a tolerable narration by debutant Chandramohan.
Director Chandramohan with a minimum of characters takes a tour of some important tourist spots of Karnataka and finally arrives at Karwar for the surprise. He is good in dialogues and picked right arts. Something more is expected from this director in the forthcoming films.
Three guys - Vikram, Niranjan, Chikkanna and Disha Pandey travel in one car. All three are interested in Disha. When Vikram express his wish two friends sacrifice but what is there in the mind of Disha you will know only at the end of the film.
The foursome reaches Karwar for a party of a rich businessman Rocky (Sunil). Rocky in a drunken mood try to arrest the modesty of Disha. Vikram and Niranjan avert this and in the process Rocky is severely injured. They admit him to the hospital for treatment. Rocky is out of danger but police is behind this case. How Rocky bogs down taking the case he filed on his friends is the end part and who out of three is liked by Disha is climax.
The three guys - Vikram, Niranjan Deshpande and Chikkanna performed well. Chikkanna as comedian outshines all. Disha Pandey is very attractive; Sunil is fit for a macho role. Bullet Prakash comedy with Moogu Suresh and Michel Madhi is not funny.
Cinematography is another beauty of this film. On the music part the film deserved to be better.
It is a tolerable debut. You could take a chance to watch this film.

Score 6/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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