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I believe in action plus emotion: Boyapati [Interview]
Wednesday, August 9, 2017 • Telugu Comments

Boyapati Srinu has a clear vision.  He sounds super-confident, whether it's action or love.  In this interview, the star director talks about why he is juxtaposing 'Jaya Janaki Nayaka' with 'Bhadra', how the high bduget spent is justified, forthcoming films, and more.

A heart-felt movie:

'JJN' is a heart-felt love story.  When I was making action films, the same interviewers were asking me, 'Meeru marara?'  Let me tell this, 'JJN' is my first beautiful love-cum-family entertainer since 'Bhadra'.  There are nice songs, action and a beautiful love story in a family ecosystem.  It will touch every heart.

I had always wanted to do a love story of this kind.  The perfect moment came when I had to do a film with Bellamkonda Srinivas.

A separate genre:

All my films have belonged to a genre of their own, be it 'Sarrainodu', 'Legend', 'Simha', 'Dammu' or 'Tulasi'.  'JJN', likewise, is its own film.  It is spiritually comparable with 'Bhadra'.

Action + Emotion is my style:

You don't see action for the sake of it in my movies.  It always comes with emotions.  My hero starts a fight only when the audience wants it.  The action in my movies is story-based.  Same goes with 'JJN'.

Kept my word:

Yes, it's true that I could have worked with a big star after 'Sarrainodu'.  But I had promised that I will do a film with Srinivas.  Our words should carry value.  I can go to any extent to keep my word.  That's what character is.  But I didn't do this movie just like that.  In fact, I have put in extra efforts to take it to a higher level than my previous movies.

Characterization as per your hero:

When I was making 'Sarrainodu' with Bunny, many asked me as to how someone who made a film like 'Legend' would make a film that suits Bunny's image.  Now they are asking me how I can do a film that suits a Srinivas.  I mold the body language of a hero as per the material.  If it's a Michael Jackson, you make him dance.  If it's a Mike Tyson, you make him do boxing, not disco dance.

A star-studded affair:

Rakul Preet Singh, Pragya Jaiswal, Catherine Tresa (who has done a special number), Esther (as the hero's 'vadina'), Dhanya Balakrishnan (as the hero's friend in the college are among the star cast.  Vani Viswanath garu has a wonderful character.

Update with time:

One has to update with the time.  I had a story line in mind before 'Sarrainodu', but then it had to be changed as the time progressed.  We have to update ourselves as the audience's tastes change.

Message always:

My films have always given a message to the society, right from 'Bhadra'.  In 'Legend', the dialogue where Balayya Babu talks about the high place of women is also a case in point.  In 'JJN', the hero believes in not ditching his love come what may.  Such story has to be done by a young hero, not a Balayya Babu.

In 'JJN', the hero's character is such that everybody would want such a guy to be in their home.  You will admire him for standing with the heroine in the face of threat.  More than his emotions, action, dances, etc, it's this aspect of his character that you are going to like.

They trust me, thus the budget:

It's true that 'JJN' has been made on a high budget.  Whenever I start a movie, distributors line up to buy my movie.  I can't fail their expectations from me.  They can't be disappointed.  That said, I didn't spend on this movie recklessly just because I was given a blank cheque.  It was responsible spending.

I make every movie as if it were my first movie.  By God's grace, I have continued to get offers.

As for 'JJN' clashing with two other releases this Friday, it's not like only one film is going to be playing in all the theatres.  When release gets delayed, the producer stands to lose crores of rupees in interest every month.

How I make it:

My actors perform wonderfully because I sit with them, explain them every dialogue, what is the meaning of it, how it should be expressed and how it should sound.  I tell them what is the soul of the scene.  I mentally prepare them for the act.  How else would I have managed to get the best out of, say, Jagapathi Babu garu?  When you see his introduction scene in 'JJN', you will think that anyone should be afraid of standing in front of him!

Forthcoming movies:

I don't know what is going to happen immediately next.  I have a story ready for Chiranjeevi garu.  I have a story, which belongs to a new genre, for Mahesh Babu.  But I should get his dates.  Next year in May or June, I will start doing Balayya Babu's film.  It's an old commitment.  I have two lines in mind for Akhil.  I am going to do something before Balayya Babu's film happens, but I am not sure what it is.  I don't think about another movie while I am on something.  I have to give myself two months' time.