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Brother of Bommali Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, November 6, 2014 • Telugu ]
Brother of Bommali Review
Siri Cinema
Allari Naresh , Monal Gajjar , Karthika,
B. Chinni
Ammiraju Kanumilli , Vallurupalli Venkateswara Rao
Shekar Chandra

Here is a film that, thankfully, doesn't over-indulge Allari Naresh.  On the flip side, it over-indulges Karthika.  Here is a film that is not stuffed with too many Naresh-isms.  It neither relies too much on Brahmanandam nor does take the Dhee-kinda comedy to absurd lengths.  On balance, 'BoB' entertains through its funny lines and a comedy of schemes and more schemes without needing the audience to deploy his/her grey cells to make head and tail of an inspired story.

The trailers clearly indicated the equations between the brother of Bommali and Bommali but this part gives way to distinct elements without wasting much time.  Ramki (Allari Naresh) and Lucky (Karthika) are twins and the former is embarrassed by the latter's aggressive ways.  She is street-smart but Naresh plays the typical innocuous guy with a cunning side that comes through eventually.  Shruthi (Monal Gajjar) adds colour to the dull life of Ramki and this is when the intimidating equation gives way to one of bonhomie between the bro and sis.

There comes the twist when the 'rowdy rani' with no hint of femininity reveals her romantic side.  Harshvardhan, her dream boy, is going to tie the knot with another girl, that too in an almost factionist set-up.  However, the guy barely knows Lucky!

Director B Chinni Krishna has deftly dealt with an apparently unexciting storyline.  At a time when hackneyed spoofs have become a must-do ritual in 'comedy' films, his treatment smacks of a respect for screenplay.  Although the elders whom the hero must fool with his craftiness are gullible, they don't come across as silly as in 'Loukyam'.  Even Brahmi as the chef Kona Venkat is not exploited to a boring effect.  If Srinivas Reddy is a natural as Naresh's buddy, Vennela Kishore and Jayaprakash Reddy shine briefly.  Abhimanyu Singh and Kelly Dorji play funny characters and come in handy to help Naresh's designs.

The dialogues are clearly the best part of this formulaic script.  They are witty and do not come with mundane dose of vulgarity.  Lines like 'patra kadu kada, chamcha kooda raledu', 'gasa gasala kosam vachinapude gusa gusalu vinna' (Brahmi), 'undercover thief' (Ali), are entertaining.  Comedians like LB Sriram and Prithvi Raj make a mark even though they don't get extended roles.

Two of the songs are well-conceptualized.  The song where Lucky takes her family through Harshvardhan's ways is refreshing.

The portrayal of the rivalry between Nagineedu and Vineeth Kumar (the villain of Vikramarkudu fame) doesn't border on the ridiculous.

Naresh gets to spout the right lines in a role that doesn't get any more directorial attention than the rest of the film.  The fact that he is not over-indulged is a blessing.  Karthika fails to sparkle in a role that demands her smack of aggression.  Some scenes clearly lack the intelligence to sustain the uniqueness of her role.
Monal Gujjar is sidelined eventually but she makes a mark in one or two scenes.

Brahmi yet again gets to play a 'bakra' and it's a relief that he is not vapid in such a role.

The technical departments do a fine job given the budget constraints.  The songs barely make a mark but the director fills the lacunae by getting the execution right.

Verdict: A been-there-done-that storyline has just been nicely executed, thanks to the director.  Hilarious dialogues and performances save the day for us.

Rating: 3.25/5

తెలుగు రివ్యూ కోసం ఇక్కడ క్లిక్ చేయండి

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