BTS Members Lavish Lifestyle Expensive Cars, Designer Fashion, and Luxury Homes

BTS, the hottest K-pop group ever from South Korea and they're totally slaying the music scene worldwide!


Totally obsessed with cars and the whole world is aware of it. And he is flexing with his Porsche Panamera GTS worth $179,800 and Lamborghini Aventador that cost $522,000.


He loves to make his statement. With that said, his wardrobe is stacked with expensive clothes from Gucci to Bottega Veneta plus he owns a luxurious villa in UN Village of South Korea.


our very own “chimchim” has a collection of expensive cars and exquisite houses to swanky condos in Seoul. He owns a property in Ninety one Hannam in South korea worth millions. He also owns a Porsche Panamera GTS.


He owns a luxurious condo located in the Forest Trimage complex in Seoul. The property was acquired in 2016 for a staggering $6.1 million. In addition to this, he owns a Porsche Carrera 911.


The top dog of the band, is a certified art aficionado and a collector of paints, sculptures and artistic items. In 2020, he dropped $42K on a painting and then in 2021 he flexed a pic of a $1.2 mil sculpture on the 'gramme.


the baby of the squad, flexes hard with his sick watch collection, dope accessories, and limited edition boujee clothes. He's got some sick rides, like the Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 and SUV, and a bunch of other dope cars.


not only owns apartments and cars but also some exquisite clothes and accessories which are worth millions. He owns an expensive condo in Gangnam district of South Korea and a Genesis GV80 SUV worth $70,800.