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Bunny Vasu on 'Geetha Govindam', Bunny's next & more

Bunny Vasu, the producer of 'Geetha Govindam', is on a cloud nine.  In an interview, he talks about the collections, donations to Kerala and more.  

'Geetha Govindam' has grossed about Rs. 38 Cr in just three days.  Did you anticipate this phenomenal success?

During the making of the movie, we were confident that it will definitely do well because it's a comedy entertainer and Vijay Deverakonda is a rising star.  But frankly, we didn't expect it to take this kind of huge openings.  I am happy that our distributors got their monies back by the second day.  This is a rarity in our industry.  

Did Deverakonda accept the film without a second thought?  It's said that, at first, he had certain reservations. 

When Parasuram gave him a narration, he liked it.  But he felt that the film should be done in a different way.  I assured him that the film will definitely do well even in B centres.  I told him this is going to definitely help his career.  He completely trusted us and did the film.

Parasuram has finally got his due.  He has always narrated every single story to you over the years.  What is unique about him in your opinion?

He is a genuine filmmaker.  He doesn't get involved in things that are not his brief.  I see him as a brother.  

From Chiranjeevi to Mahesh Babu and Ram Charan, everybody is praising the movie.  What is your feeling?

It feels great.  When Allu Arjun watched the movie in the Edit room, he hugged me for getting it right.  Since the movie's release, others have commended our movie.  

Unfortunately, video clippings from the movie got leaked.  At least 17 students and an editor have been arrested in this regard.  Allu Aravind has said that it pained him and others associated with the movie so much.  How did you react to the turn of events?

When our film, which was made with crores of rupees, was stolen, I was devastated.  For 10 days, I experienced what hell is like!  I wouldn't wish such a thing even upon my enemies.  It's unfortunate that many are saying that the leakage was done by us to build hype around the movie.  Will anybody deliberately leak an entire movie for creating hype?  A top cop is investigating the leakage case.  

In hindsight, did the leakage help the film in any way?

No, it has been a loss.  In some schools and colleges, the film was played in auditoriums to a large audience!  This is so bad.

You have decided to donate the entire collections accruing from Kerala towards flood relief measures.  Tell us about that.

Since I have dealt with releases of Bunny's films over there, I know the market there.  'Geetha Govindam' grossed Rs. 14 lakhs on Day 1 in Kerala.  On Day 2, it made another Rs. 6 lakhs.  I was shocked that the film got this response at a time when floods are ravaging the state.  I wanted to pay back to the state by announcing the donation.

What is Allu Arjun doing next?  Since you are close to him, what is your impression?

As far as I know, two big announcements are coming!  Bunny doesn't share things with others until the story is locked.  He wanted to do a straight Tamil film in the past but that will take time.  

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